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General Troubleshooting $50

Having problems but not sure what the cause is? Our technicians will diagnose the fault and let you know what it will take to fix it. If it's a quick and easy fix, there's no extra charge. If it's more complicated, requires a large amount of time or replacement components we'll let you know exactly what it will take, discuss options and there is no absolutely obligation to proceed if you decide you don't want to.


BIOS Upgrade $25

BIOS upgrades may be necessary to enable compatibly of new hardware on older motherboards, fix bugs or enable access to new features. In general, if the system is working properly, you shouldn't ever need to upgrade the BIOS, but if you do need to, we can do it for you. Subject to availability of necessary compatible hardware (eg, on much older boards, we may not have access to the appropriate CPU need to run the update, please contact us for confirmation prior to bring the system to us)


Windows Install / Re-install $50

Want to completely wipe your PC clean and set it up from scratch as if it was brand new? We can take care of that for you. You'll just need to provide your license key and we can care of the rest. If you don't have your license key it may be able to be recovered from your system prior to the re-installation process. In the case of a desktop PC, driver re-installation is included in the price. For laptops, an additional small fee may apply for the extra time it takes to acquire and install these drivers which we can advise prior to commencing. 


System / Dust Cleanout $50

Is your system full of dust? This can seriously impact the heat levels of your system in as a result, lower performance of the system and shorten its lifespan! It may seem easy but if it is done incorrectly there is the potential to damage components. Among other best practices, all fans need to be held stationary as allowing them to spin when using compressed air can damage the bearings. All cloth used to wipe out dust must be dry, free from static and extreme care has to be taken when making contact with components they may have fragile sub components that will fail if bent or scratched. We use PC specific compressed air guns and anti-static microfiber cloth combined with our expert knowledge of hardware and a partial disassembly and re-assembly to properly clean out the system and remove all residule dust build up in heatsinks, coolers and sockets. 


Thermal Paste Reapplication $25

Thermal paste (sometimes referred to as thermal compound or thermal grease) is the thin layer of paste that sits between the CPU and cooler. Responsible for efficiently transferring the heat from one to the other, this paste can dry out and lose efficiency over time. If you are experiencing a noticeable increase in CPU temperatures or decrease in CPU performance, removing the CPU cooler and re-applying a high-grade thermal paste may go a long way towards fixing the issue. Our high-grade thermal paste is included in the price and the process includes removing the CPU cooler, cleaning the old thermal paste off both the CPU and the cooler with pure isopropyl alcohol to minimize any residual before re-apply the new thermal paste and re-installing the cooler.


Data Recovery Quote $25

Data recovery is a time consuming and often highly specialized processed. Depending on the nature of how the data was lost, it may not be recoverable, or it may be very expensive to recover. This service is for one of our technicians to assess the data storage device in question, letting you know how much it would cost to proceed to attempt the data recovery process. Please note that some methods of data-recovery have a better success rate than others and that no method guarantees results, Evatech cannot assume any liability for the data in question at any point and any data-recovery attempt fee charged cannot be refunded in full or partially even if unsuccessful. Our experts will clearly advise you of the risks, costs and time involved once the initial assessment is complete and it's completely up to you as the customer to decide whether or not to proceed being fully aware of the potential risks.


Other Services Contact Us for Quote

In additional to the above services our technicians are on hand to provide any further assistance you may need. Please contact us with as much detail as possible via phone or email before visiting the store for a quote on what ever technician services you may require. The cost of these services are calculated based on an approximation of the labor time it will involve for our technicians to complete as well as any additional hardware or equipment or consumables necessary to complete the task. Where important information was omitted from the initial disclose and description of the service we originally quoted you for that results in additional costs we will notify you prior to proceeding and inform you of the situation, additional costs and options.