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ITX Gaming PC Lite

Outstanding value for money, this sub $1000 gaming PC is built from first class components and delivers outstanding performance for its price bracket.
: GTX 1050    /    RAM : 8GB DDR4    /    CPU : Intel Skylake G4400    /    OS : Windows 10 Home 64bit    /    STORAGE : 250GB SSD    /   WARRANTY :  24 Months

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Reference: PC-ITXLIGHT

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Product Description

The Chassis

The new Core V1 by Thermaltake is a low volume ITX based chassis with a 200mm fan in the front panel. Smart interchangeable side panels allow users to flip it accordingly to showcase either for superior cooling & superb airflow.

Cooler Master iTX Chassis

The Heart (GPU)

At the heart of every gaming PC lies the GPU (Video Card). The largest contributor to gaming performance, without a good dedicated GPU, the PC just isn’t a gaming PC. For this system we've chosen the latest edition to NVIDIA's latest GTX 1000 series that delivers top notch gaming performance with extreme power efficiency without breaking the bank.

GTX 1050 TI MSI Gaming X GPU 

The Brain (CPU)

Intel's latest generation Skylake series raises the bar for power efficiency and performance, blowing the competition out of the water. Able to run any modern gaming title, the G4400 keeps up its pricier counterparts without bottle necking the video card. Perfect the gamer on a budget with its outstanding value / performance ratio, the G4400 is the CPU of choice for entry level gaming PCs looking for solid performance at the right price.

Intel G4400
The Memory (RAM & SSD)

The latest generation DDR4 has fast become the new standard and with it, the best memory performance in consumer grade PC hardware in history.  Here at Evatech we only use the latest, brand new, cutting edge components so you know we jumped on DDR4 the moment it was available and haven't looked back since. This may be a budget build but that doesn't mean we're going to give you old hardware!

In addition to the latest gen DDR4 memory we've shelled out for a SATA3 250GB SSD to make sure your install and load times are as fast as they possibly can be. From boot to desktop in matter of a few seconds, from game menu to game play in the blink of an eye, gone are the days of 30+ second load times while you stare at your monitor begging the progress bar to make its way from one side of the screen to the other!

Samsung SSD Corsair RAM

The Software (Windows 10 & that's it, no rubbish)

We know it seems to be the fashion to hate on the latest version of Windows ever since Vista and the first release of Windows 8 left a sour taste in some PC users' mouths with bugs and changes not everyone wanted or was ready for, but with Windows 8.1 and now the latest Windows 10 release, the operating system is feature packed, rock solid and customisable to be exactly how you like it whether you’re a fan on the new layout or old. So don't believe all the hate, Windows 10 is in our option at least as PC lovers and professionals, not only the latest, most feature packed and the only way to get the newest DirectX support, the best operating system ever, period.

Anything else? Apart from the latest drivers for your hardware and the rest is yours to do with as you will. No pre-installed trialware rubbish, no tool bars or browsers you don’t wont and will never use, nothing to track your data and sell it to marketing agencies, Windows as if you built your own PC and installed it from scratch all on your own. Not only that, but we provide a full retail, USB boxed version along with your license key, no OEM, no grey market sticker licenses, 100% genuine, 100% officially sourced and 100% yours to do with as you wish from re-install to to transfers to other machines.

Windows 10

What really matters! (The gaming performance)

It's been done! a 1080P gaming powerhouse under $1000.

From the tried and true crowd pleasers like CS:GO, World of Warcarft, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 to new releases like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall, the amount of performance you can squeeze out of this machine will blow away. Once you experience the quality, performance and value of this machine you'll never buy another gaming PC from a big box retailer again. Will it play the most demanding games at 4K or VR? No and we don't pretend it will. This is a budget gaming PC and nowhere in the world can you find a sub $1000 machine that can. If 4K and VR is what your looking for, take a look at our fully custom gaming PC series on the home page. All that being said, if you're happy at 1080P & high settings, if you want to play the latest games without spending as much as some people spend on a car, look no further because there just isn't better value than this.

1080 Gaming

Peace of mind (Warranty & Support)

No refurbished components or generics, only first tier brand new hardware with full Australian warranty.

Expertly assembled by a team of professionals right here in Melbourne Australia, not a sweatshop in China. Need support or warranty? Our team are completely local, no call center in the Philippines or script reading by drones who don't know what they are talking about. REAL support, fast support, support that gives you peace of mind and a warranty to cover you for replacement on any components that may fail for 24 months. (Even after 24 months, if you have a problem, just let us know and we'll still do what we can to help! Our team have close ties with hardware vendors and we know customer satisfaction is paramount)

We use only the highest quality components sourced from official distributors. We cherry pick only the best hardware with the lowest failure rates and spare no expense when it comes to ensuring our customers get a solid product each and every single time, even when it comes to our budget range. Evatech is Australia's fast growing custom PC retailers with thousands of happy customers nationwide proudly powered by an Evatech custom PC. Join the ever growing legion of Evatech powered gamers today and rest assured you’re in safe hands.



Please note that this system does not include WiFi, Bluetooth or an optical drive bay. Evatech recommends a cabled ethernet network connection for best connection speeds and stability however if WiFi is required USB wifi adapters are available for purchase separately (here). If you require an optical drive, you can also purchase USB drives separately (here). As for bluetooth, it's worth noting that PC peripherals that use Bluetooth as a method of communicating come with USB receivers pre-paired and do not require a Bluetooth radio within the PC separately. If you would still like to add a bluetooth adapter, these can be found (here).