Terms & Conditions of Sale - Custom Loop Liquid Cooled PCs

Maintenance, Servicing & Coolant

Custom loops may require maintenance to maintain optimal performance. We recommend servicing the loop and replacing the coolant every 24 months. One free 24 month service is included with the purchase of this system, subsequent services will be $250. Where coolant is coloured, it may gradually fade or change over time with use. This is expected behavior and not considered a warrantable issue. To avoid this if it is a concern, you can opt for the use of clear coolant or increase the service intervals to replace the coolant on a more frequent basis.


Our hardline custom loops are relatively sturdy but still more fragile than other cooling solutions. While we extensively test all builds to ensure they are 100% leak free before handing them over to customers, if mishandled the seals around tubing and fittings can be compromised. All coolant used in our systems are non-conductive and non-corrosive meaning leaks should not damage any components of the system however they can be messy and any damaged tubing or fittings may need to be replaced.

Where there is evidence the leak is the result of a manufacturing or assembly fault, this will be covered by warranty however in the absence of such evidence any cleaning and repair services will incur a labor service in addition to the cost of any required replacement parts.

Pick Up / Delivery

Click & collect is available from our storefront and the recommended method of receiving this PC. If you require delivery, delivery options are available at checkout to a limited selection of areas where our courier partner offers a fragile handling service for parcels of this size and weight.

Return to Base Warranty Only

All PCs containing a custom loop cooling solution are covered by a warranty that covers labour and replacement / repair on a per component basis. This covers 5 years on the power supply & RAM, 3 years CPU / Motherboard / GPU / SSD & 2 years on everything else.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to return the PC safely to our service center for any warranty handling. Should the customer utilize a courier service, it's the customers responsibility to appropriately package the PC. Any damage in transit may void warranty. Should coolant leak as a result, a cleaning fee will be applied as well as the cost of any replacement parts necessary to repair and refill the loop.

The above terms supersede where relevent the regular terms and conditions of sale. https://evatech.com.au/terms/