Flight Simulator 2020 Evatech Custom Gaming Computers

After a long 6 year wait, the definitive Flight Simulator returns.

Ready to traverse the entire globe, with meticulously crafted vistas based on real life satellite imagery and a next-generation graphics engine years in the making? Well to drive those absolutely stunning visual effects, especially at high resolutions or multi-monitor setups, you’ll need a lot of horsepower.

That’s were a built to order Evatech custom PC shines. With the ability to customise the entire system to get exactly what you want without any of the rubbish you don’t need, you can tailer something to your budget and know you’re get top shelf quality latest-gen hardware at a great price backed by an expert team right here in Australia.

How do I configure a gaming PC today that's Microsoft Flight Simulator ready?

With our custom PC builder platform there are thousands of possible hardware combinations and for first time PC gamers or those just not all that savvy with the hardware, it can be a little daunting. When it comes to gaming performance in general, there are 3 key aspects. The CPU, the RAM and most importantly the GPU (aka graphics card). As long as the first two are not a bottleneck, the GPU will will be responsible for delivering the stunning visuals to the screen at the fastest possible frame rates.

So when you're customising your own system, what CPU, RAM and GPU would we reccomend for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Let's have a look at a few different options.

Good (1080p/Medium)

[CPU] Intel i5-10400

[RAM] 16GB DDR4 Core


Better (1080p/High)

[CPU] Intel i5-10700K


[GPU] RTX 3070

Best (1440p/Ultra)

[CPU] Intel i9-10850K


[GPU] RTX 3080

Prefer a fully pre-configured solution?

Prefer to leave the techy stuff to the experts and just want a fully pre-configured option? No worries! Here's three configurations based on the 3 different tiers listed above all fully pre-configured by our in-house tech experts. The very same ones that will be building your brand-new Microsoft Flight Simulator ready PC when you order.

Want make some minor tweaks before ordering? Maybe you need some additional storage space, don't need a WiFi adapter, want to extend the warranty or simply choose a different case that better suits your style? It's easy! Just click one of the three options above then click CUSTOMISE

Any questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us a message via our contact page linked here and we'll get back to ASAP.
We endevour to respond to all email eqnuiries within 30 minutes during business hours.

Disclaimer: The above is a guide provided in good faith and will be amended over time to provide the optimal solutions based on the most up to date information available. Final performance will vary based on in game settings, screen resolution, background applications and thermals. Driver, operating system and game related software bugs may also impede performance. If you have any concerns regarding the specifics please contact our sales team for clarification before proceeding.

Evatech RTG SPEC-02L + AC WIFI Gaming PC

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