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Gaming PC for Minecraft
Released: 2009 - May


Genre: 3D, Open-World, First-Person, Adventure, Fantasy

At the core of it, Minecraft is all about breaking and placement of blocks. In the beginning, players built simple structures to protect themselves from nocturnal monsters, however, as the game evolved, players joined together to create the kinds of things you'd find only in the most inspiring of dreams.

The type of game that's relatively simple, but will captivate the adventurer, engineer, and builder in you: watch out, free time.

Over 21,049,590 (at the time of writing this) people have bought the PC/Mac version of Minecraft - that's more than 21 million people around the world!

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The MINIMUM, RECOMMENDED, and ULTRA hardware requirements shown above will be colour coded for you during customisation.
Requirements are automated based on information provided by publishers and is aimed as a guide for gaming on a single 1080p monitor and do not constitute a guarantee of any kind.