Not everyone has a few grand to throw at a new gaming PC and when you wonder through JB HIFI or any other big box retail chain, you might get put off by the $3000 Alienware systems. However a new gaming PC may be cheaper than you think…





#1 Most games, have pretty modest hardware requirements.

Everyone knows i7 is ‘better’ than an i5 or i3, and 32GB or RAM is more than 8GB but what does that really mean when it comes to actually playing those games? Well unless your an enthusiast who gets their kicks squeezing frame rates out of benchmarks, you probably don’t need all that extra horsepower. You might be surprised with the mileage you could get out of an i3, 8GB or memory and a $200 GPU.

Based on’s testing, the GTX750ti, a $195 card can play Battlefield 4 at 1080p on high settings averaging a very playable 45FPS while the vast majority of even the latest games have much lower hardware requirements again and would perform even better!

#2 “Future proofing” is not always the best idea.

If you have worked IT sales or talked to anyone who has, you’ve probably heard the term ‘future proofing’. For those haven’t this basically the idea that you should spend more money now so your shiny new gaming rig is outdated too quickly. The fault with this logic is, your paying today’s prices on today’s hardware. Years in to the future, when you might need/want to actually upgrade, you will pay much less for much better hardware and get a brand new warranty in the process!

#3 There is no ‘one size fits all’ perfect solution when choosing a gaming PC

When it comes to buying a gaming PC, its a lot like buying a new suit. Your unlikely to walk in to a suit store and find one that fits perfectly and falls within your budget. That’s why, just like with suits, a gaming PC should be tailored to you, the customer.

At Evatech, we do things a little differently. We don’t try to generalize and sell pre-assembled PCs designed to target a wide customer base, we treat every customer as an individual. For the hardware savvy customers we let them customize their own systems pairing any combination of components until they have something they are 100% happy with. For those who don’t know all that much about computer hardware but just want a new PC for specific purpose, weather it be gaming, office work, video production, 3d modelling or simply web browsing, our sales staff will tailor the perfect PC just for you.

All our sales staff know all about the latest hardware like the back of their hand and are trained to assist customers with nothing other than honest recommendations. There are no commissions, no enforced sales targets, no intensives to up sell and no penalties for being honest and helping a customer save a little money with their selection. 

Wan’t to get some tips for your next build? Just shoot us an email at or checkout out our website and get started customizing your own!