The latest offering from a brand that doesn’t usually have a big presence in Australia has PC enthusiasts on the fence. The aggressive and ‘different’ steampunk design of the Steam Castle from Deepcool makes it one of those ‘love it or hate it’ products without much room in between. Personally we are a big fan as it is essentially a Bitfenix prodigy mATX chassis on the inside but adds a fan controller, programmable LED lighting and a little more ventilation.

Available in white, black, red and yellow the Steam Castle case is quiet, relatively cool for a small form factor chassis and will definitely stand out when placed next to your average gaming rig.


DeepCool Steam Castle Colors


Easily fitting full length GPU and reasonably sized CPU cooler you can pack a lot power in to this roughly 40x30x40cm chassis and still get some solid cooling performance thanks to a 200mm intake fan at the front of the case and a 120mm exhaust fan in the back. You even have the option to add 2x 120mm fans at the top of the chassis although this may be a tight fit if a 5.25″ drive is installed.

The Steam castle is now available for purchase online and also is an option on our RYU custom gaming PCs here.

Stay tuned to Evatech for more of the latest release PC hardware.

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