While Minecraft is a hugely popular game that gets hundreds of thousands of hours gameplay every month from gamers of all ages all around the planet, the PC requirements are not very demanding. If you’re using a PC to read this article, the chances are that you can play it on that PC – give it a shot! If you can’t run it on your current PC, or don’t have a PC yet; please continue reading and we’ll tell you how to go about making a cheap PC to play Minecraft. Hint: with our current pricing and part availability, you could have us professionally build you a PC capable of playing Minecraft for $541.

Basically, all you have to do is pick all the cheapest options in our cheapest Home/Office PC – I prepared a pre-configured one here: Evatech’s cheapest Minecraft PC (note that this does not include Windows, but includes the labour building cost)

You’ll notice that it’s not advertised as a “gaming PC” like most other games will require, that’s truly how easy it is to run Minecraft on PC! There are plenty of mod packs that you can install on PC for Minecraft, some of them may require hardware a little better and pricier than specified above, but you’ll certainly play the core game with ease.

It’s important to keep in mind a few things in mind when considering a PC for Minecraft, however:

  • If you want to record gameplay footage for uploading to YouTube or streaming live, you will require a better CPU
  • A mid-range graphics card will allow you to play Minecraft on the highest settings
  • Some other games that you may also want to play now or in the future likely will not be playable on the same hardware, and will require more of a “gaming” build
  • Any other needs you may have for a PC: optical drive, Windows operating system, more storage space, more RAM, and WiFi adapter (if you cannot use the preferred Ethernet port provided)

We get a lot of customers asking if our gaming PCs can handle Minecraft, the answer is always yes. Any of our gaming PCs with even the cheapest CPU and graphics card selected will most definitely run Minecraft, with the added bonus of being able to play other games well, too, based on your spend.