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When building a custom desktop computer it’s always best to go in to knowing the answers to two very simple questions:
What do I need it to do?
What is my budget?

If you’re looking to build a PC for gaming, or maybe to run a specific application you use for work or as a hobby, then a good place to start is the system requirements. Recommended system requirements are readily available online for most games and applications and can be great guide to finding out exactly what you need to get the job done.

If you’re on a tight budget you can use these system requirements to select the components you require and avoid spending additional money on all the extras that are far less important.Custom built PC

Building your very own custom PC, if you have never done it before, can be tricky. If this is the case, research and study is the best way to go before throwing any money down on the counter.

What are the main issues when building a custom PC?

Compatibility is a major issue; while many components are universal there are often some small details that can cause havoc when overlooked. CPU socketspower supply requirements, motherboard and case form factors are some examples of these.

To find the right power supply for your custom PC build you can try one of the various online power supply calculators. A great one provided on the MSI Australia website can be found by searching for “MSI Power Calculator” on your favourite search engine.

All motherboard and case manufacturers will list the form factor and CPU socket on their websites if they are not readily available on your favourite reseller’s website. Our list of motherboards and cases can be found from the category tree to the left of this article.

Should I use an anti-static wrist strap?

Some people recommended using wrist straps when building a custom computer, however, in most cases all you need is to avoid carpet or high static surfaces and make sure you ground yourself to discharge any static build up on your hands before touching components.

NVIDIA vs AMDShould I go Intel or AMD? NVIDIA or ATI?

The answer to questions like these really depends on personal preference. For a long time the budget end of the market was ruled by the low price high performance offerings from AMD and ATI while Intel and NVIDIA were the leaders in driver stability and high end performance. Recently this has become less true as AMD and ATI catch up in high end performance and Intel and NVIDIA prices drop to compete on the low end. Today it comes down to compatibility and brand preference with very little to separate the key competitors on the market.

How difficult and time consuming is it really?

With a little bit of experience it really is not very tricky however it does require patience and can take quite a while. Here at Evatech, our technicians are assembling custom PCs on a daily basis and depending on the complexity of the build it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Small form factor cases can make it tricky to fit all the components together and often leave very little room to move when managing cables and making connections. Even larger cases can be trouble, especially ones of lower quality as small imperfections can make simple tasks such as removing a bay panel or lining up a screw hole tedious and time consuming.

Should I bother or just pay to get it done for me?

If you’re an enthusiast or enjoy tinkering with electronics, building a PC can not only save you a bit of money but also teach you a little more about the inner workings of a PC. However if you prefer to save some time and don’t mind spending a little extra money you also often receive warranty services and burn in testing with any decent computer store assembly service.

Anyone who has built a number of custom PCs in the past will know how much trouble it can be when one component of the system just will not work and you need to disassemble everything and take it back to the shop to be exchanged. At Evatech we offer low cost assembly services that will not only test your system and help you avoid these headaches all together, but will also cover it with a labor warranty, so you don’t need to worry about anything happening in the future either.

To learn more about the custom PC building service we offer, head over to our custom PC page and get started.

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