Evatech Custom Gaming PCs: Why & How?

There’s a lot to take in from our powerful website that puts you in control of what you get. It can be overwhelming. Rest assured, it’s all made easy, and this page will help it become even clearer.

Why shop with Evatech?

Founded by true PC enthusiasts with strong passion and knowledge of hardware, software, and of course: gaming. Stunned by the likes of JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, and The Good Guys selling a limited range of overpriced gaming computers, poorly balanced and full of low cost generic hardware.

With overcoming the failures of our competitors being the core of our dream, we started our quest in 2012. Offering premium quality, great value, accessible, yet powerful truly custom computers. All being sold by experts who put customer service first. Employees don’t get sales commissions or targets, so you can be sure the advice you get is best for you.

With Evatech proudly powering gamers, designers, programmers, workplaces, educational institutions, and enthusiasts nationwide; we believe we’ve created something truly special that we can be proud of every day.

  • 100% brand new top tier brand hardware. No refurbished or generic units
  • Extensive, thorough testing done on every build
  • First class customer support, troubleshooting & best in class warranty service
  • Only the latest cutting edge components used in every build
  • True total customisation, you choose every single component from a wide range of options
  • Built-in easy to use error detection for peace of mind, you don’t need to be a hardware geek!
  • Honest, helpful advice available via email, phone call, or in store! No up-sells or tricks
  • Proudly Australian owned and operated, supporting the local economy
  • Expert full time only technicians building every PC as if it was their very own, no trainees or casuals
  • Attention to detail for optimal aesthetics, performance and overall customer satisfaction
  • Huge and always updated list of games and requirements to give customers instant indication of gaming performance before purchasing
  • Competitive pricing, direct from the source, no big retail mark ups or corners cut to save expenses

How to choose the right configuration?

We’ve worked to make sure the process is simple, and with a few pointers, you can configure a great gaming PC to any suit budget.

You can pick games you’re interested in playing from our game database. Our website will highlight the minimum, recommended, ultra, and 4K hardware requirements while you configure the system!

If it’s after hours or you prefer to read up on the basics in your own time, we’ve put together the following basic run down of the key points to consider below.

Select a base configuration

Firstly, know that any of the below options when configured in a balanced manner will provide an enjoyable gaming experience for the budget in mind.

  • Our Valkyrie option is our Intel based gaming machine, providing great gaming performance. Intel’s 10th & 11th gen CPUs live here, with up to the 10900K 10 core 20 thread 5.3GHz processor available, or the 11900K 8 core 16 thread 5.3GHz.
  • The Ryu packs much the same hardware as the Valkyrie, just in a smaller footprint which can be handy for small spaces, or if portability is a consideration for LAN gamers and the likes.
  • Wraith offers higher CPU core/thread counts than the above systems for similar price points. Good for true multitaskers and gamers alike. Great option for streamers. AMD’s Ryzen 3000 & 5000 series CPUs live here, with up to the 5950X 16 core 32 thread 4.9GHz processor on offer.

Pairing the right Graphics card & CPU

When it comes to gaming, the CPU is the second most important consideration, behind only the graphics card. With the majority of games, as long as the CPU isn’t bottlenecking the graphics card, you’ll be fine. Intel platforms will list CPUs with i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors, while AMD platforms will list R3, R5, R7, and R9. With that in mind consider the pairings below.

  • Any i9 / R9 with an RTX 2080 Ti / RTX 3080 or higher
  • Top end i7 / R7 with RTX 2080 / RTX 3070 or higher
  • Top end i5 / R5 with RTX 2070 / RTX 3060 or higher
  • Mid range i5 / R5 with RTX 2060 or higher
  • Low end i5 / R5 with GTX 1660 or higher
  • Any i3 / R3 with GTX 1650 or higher

You may have heard about SLI/NVLink or dual graphics cards. Evatech’s stand point on this is simple: An expensive proposition as it will require a beefier power supply, a high end motherboard and CPU to compensate, so on a purely value basis we don’t recommend the use of dual low-end cards where there is a high-end single card option available. At the time of writing, that means unless you can see a need for and can afford a balanced system that can house 2x RTX 3090 — dual graphics cards isn’t for you.

System RAM / Memory – All DDR4

The last of components that will significantly impact gaming performance. Simply having 32GB or 64GB of RAM doesn’t mean your system will perform faster than if you had 16GB if it’s only ever utilising less than 16GB anyway. As a general rule for gaming, 16GB is optimal while 8GB is respectable at the low end, and 32GB is in almost all cases overkill.

Core vs OC – and RGB

Core RAM simply means they will be a regular frequency (speed) of RAM. Specifications range from time to time depending on stock, but generally this option will provide 2133MHz – 2666MHz. OC RAM will be high frequency (speed). Minimum will be 3000MHz. RGB variants simply have RGB lights on the RAM. Good if you care about aesthetics and/or like lights in your system.


They can be one of the more complicated selections to make, but unless you have particular requirements, they don’t significantly impact performance.

  • Valkyrie / Ryu
    • H510: Bare essentials, cost effective, no overclocking, not many USB/SATA/PCI ports. Decent quality integrated surround sound and gigabit Ethernet. Maximum of 32GB RAM.
    • B460/B560 and H470/H570: Some additional USB/SATA/PCI ports. Better quality sound and Ethernet. Good middle ground for price/performance. Maximum of 32GB/64GB RAM depending on option selected.
    • Z490/Z590: The premium option, generally maximum USB/SATA/PCI ports, and high quality surround sound and Ethernet. Also enables overclocking for CPUs, and RAM frequencies higher than 2666MHz. Maximum of 128GB RAM.
  • Wraith
    • A520: Bare essentials, cost effective, not many USB/SATA/PCI ports. Decent quality integrated surround sound & Gigabit Ethernet. Maxmum of 32GB RAM.
    • B450 / B550: Great price/performance balance. Medium quality sound, Ethernet, cooling. Overclocking enabled. B550 also has PCIe 4.0.
    • X570: Pinnacle of performance. High quality surround sound and Ethernet. Maximum USB/SATA/PCI ports. Enabling PCIe 4.0. Overclocking enabled.

As a general rule, the more expensive the motherboard option in a particular range means more features, and/or better quality features/cooling. The saying “you get what you pay for” rings true here – we charge more as it costs us more.

Power Supply (PSU)

Something we see a lot of customers overspend on. Our website gives a clear calculation of how much wattage your configuration requires. While it doesn’t hurt to leave a little room for future upgrades or make sure your PSU isn’t at max load, going too far over the requirement is simply overspending. If your entire configuration states 400w draw, selecting the 1000w PSU is overkill, and money can be better spent elsewhere.

95% of our gaming PCs, customers will fall into the 550w Gold, or 750w Gold PSU options.

The difference between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium ratings is the efficiency at which the PSU converts AC power from the wall to DC power for your PC (80% – 94%). The higher the rating, the more efficient the process is and less power the PSU will draw from the wall. No matter the choice made here, all options are 80+ rating and above, so you can rest assured all options are well-built and high quality.

Storage Devices (HDD, SSD)

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are very fast; multiple times faster than a regular spinning Hard Disk Drive (HDD), but also cost more per GB (Gigabyte). Regular HDDs are slower, but offer larger capacities at a better price per GB. We’ll commonly recommend a system to have an SSD as the primary drive (for the Operating System and applications to be installed to) with a HDD for backup/storage purposes. M.2 NVMe SSDs are fast becoming more affordable and highly sought after, so if your budget allows for having one as your primary drive, go for it!

Case/Chassis, Fans, & Lighting

For the most part, all of these are an aesthetic choice and therefore personal preference. Some cases allow for better airflow than others (hint: those with solid panels likely won’t let as much air through as ones with holes/mesh etc). All differ in physical dimensions, button/USB port placement, but as long as it fits components you want, it’s your call. Additional fans are rarely necessary as other components that generate significant amounts of heat have their own dedicated fans already. Case lighting can bring your system alive, set it apart from others, and make for some really nice photos/videos for social media… if that’s what you’re into.

WiFi Network Adapters, Optical Drives, Sound Cards

WiFi and Optical Drives are options in all our PCs, while everything but the Ryu gets Sound Cards as an option.

Every motherboard we sell comes with built in Gigabit Ethernet (cabled LAN networking) which for speed and latency reasons is always the best option if possible. If not possible, you will need to select an appropriate WiFi option from our range if you will require a wireless network connection.

An Optical Drive (DVD/BluRay) is rarely required in PCs. Most media is distributed online with updates being downloaded constantly, so the need for a disk drive is antiquated. If you require one, internal options will only be possible when paired with a case that supports an internal drive (not many cases do!), otherwise, an external (USB) option will suffice.

Sound Cards are also rarely required in PCs. The onboard surround sound that is integrated into the motherboards we provide are for most customers more than adequate. If you are an audiophile with very high-end speakers or headphones, dedicated sound cards are an option to consider, however, motherboards likely provide a very comparable end result regardless.

Operating System (OS)

Evatech fully stands behind Microsoft Windows 10 for all of our gaming PCs. Windows 10 has been out for a number of years, and is the only Windows platform that is being actively developed for. This means that running a earlier version of Windows could result in game glitches/crashes or outright incompatibilities. We exclusively provide Windows 10 Retail Editions. This means you get retail packaging, a license key that can be transferred to other machines in future, and also official support from Microsoft.

Office Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) & Anti-Virus

Additional software can be purchased along side a system purchase by simply adding them to cart. We’ll provide, but due to end-user license agreements and registration requirements, cannot install them on your behalf. Installation once you receive the system is straight forward.

Note that if you require Outlook (Microsoft’s email client) that you will need to select an Office Home & Business software solution, as the Home & Student version does not have Outlook included.

A word on anti-virus software: We’re rarely actively recommending anti-virus as Windows Defender (built into Windows and automatically enabled/updated + free) is a decent antivirus solution and takes minimal toll on system resources compared to third-party solutions. With that said, if you are the type to visit more of the questionable types of websites, more protection might be a good idea.


Something we take seriously at Evatech as it goes hand in hand with our customer satisfaction focus. We do our very best to minimise any potential issues that may arise but it’s a known fact that no matter how small, there’s always a chance of issues when it comes to the latest technology. We know that providing options is important as customers have different needs and budgets.

Our premium warranties ranging from 1-5 years are provided on top of return-to-base warranty provided by manufacturers. Perks include: free shipping both ways. Gifts: Stan subscription while you wait for a solution, free game(s) when returned. The warranty options vary in price and goes towards providing the infrastructure, covering cost of replacement components in the case of manufacturer warranty having expired, and enabling our high quality of service and attention to detail when processing warranties.

If you’re on a tighter budget, and/or are local to our Oakeligh South store and won’t need the courier shipping both ways at any point, the standard warranty will still cover you for the manufacturer’s defined term (minimum of 2 years, up to 5 years) with free labour on all valid warranty claims.

If you would like some professional, one-on-one, tailored advice, we are always more than happy to assist. Give us a phone call during business hours, shoot us an email via the contact page, or join our ever growing Facebook community and send us a message! Or if you’re local, just drop in during business hours. We will get back to you ASAP and are always happy to answer any and all questions and provide honest recommendations. No pushy sales pitch, we promise.