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What makes a mouse a ‘gaming mouse’? Let me provide you with a detailed answer on that. A gaming mouse can possess many defining attributes that when combined; give their user the ultimate control over their mouse movements. These attributes include variable DPI, additional buttons and even customisable weights. I’ll go into more detail on each of those in a little bit.

Gaming mice are often more ergonomic than regular pointers. They might not always look like your hand would want to spend hours resting on it, but they’re surprisingly accommodating and comfortable.

Variable DPI

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and directly relates to the mouse reading and movement on the screen. If, for example, you used a 1024×786 screen resolution and had a 1,000DPI mouse, it would take approximately one inch to move from one side of the screen to the other. A higher DPI mouse will also give you a smoother movement thanks to the increased DPI, allowing more accurate positioning.

Thermaltake eSports Level 10 M Gaming Mouse - BlackBeing able to change the DPI with the press of a button on the mouse will enable a greater degree of control depending on what task you are doing. So, if you want less movement on screen with the physical movement of your mouse, change to a lower DPI and you’ll be able to make smaller adjustments to your pointer, then switch it back up for faster movement.
If you haven’t realised already, this can be very handy in games such as First Person Shooters (FPS) where you can go from a shooting frenzy to needing fine control for sniping within seconds of each other.

Additional Buttons

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Extra buttons on mice can be a godsend. Often conveniently located to where your fingers and/or thumb would be resting, can, with the correct drivers/software, be mapped to do a number of different tasks. If you find yourself often needing to quickly do something, consider creating a macro mapped to a button on your mouse.

I used to have my extra buttons set up for closing and minimising applications. It worked perfectly for me, but friends and family that used my computer would often accidentally press these buttons and wonder where things kept disappearing to.

These extra buttons can be extremely useful in games where you can take advantage over your opponents and cast your attacks with a simple click of a button, where they might be stuck trying to locate the right button in their menu.

Mouse weights being inserted


Removable weights in a mouse might sound ridiculous, but could be one of the simplest and ways to make your mouse less of a device and more an extension of your body.

In my experience, some mice are just too light and if you change between computers often, this can leave you continually overshooting your intended stopping place. Weights can help with this, but more to the point, a heavier mouse can help limit or even completely negate accidental movements if you have a shaky hand yet demand precision.

There are even mice that will allow you to distribute this weight in different areas of the mouse, to completely customise the feel, movement, acceleration and balance of the mouse.

Gaming mice often possess faster response times than regular mice, meaning your input is received by the computer faster, for when every fraction of a millisecond is of vital importance. They are also, depending on your personal preferences of course, a lot more attractive to look at and almost always include lights so that you can locate your mouse while enjoying a late night gaming session.

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