AMD Ryzen Custom PCs now available to Pre-Order, builds start March 3rd

With the long and much hyped lead up the release AMD’s latest chipset and CPU’s, we’ve field hundreds of customers questions with the same answer. “We don’t know yet, nothing is official, it’s all just rumours!”. Today, that has changed! AMD has lifted the vale (NDA), announced the release date and allowed its motherboard partners to release the details of their line ups.

Stock is due to land March 3rd and the our newest edition to the Evatech custom gaming PC line up is now available for pre-order in the form the Wraith.

At this point in time there is two motherboard chipsets to choose from, the X370 at the high end and the B350 for mid range. There is also only 3 different CPU’s to make decision making a little easier.

  • R7 1700, the entry level R7 model sports 8 cores and 16 threads like it’s bigger brothers but at a slightly lower clock speed and no build in precision auto overclocking features.
  • R7 1700X is the next step up with a boosted base clock speed and the addition of auto-overclocking.
  • R7 1800X, the top dog of the lot at the highest clock speed and presumably cherry picked from the manufacturing process for the best ‘overclockability’.

While performance per core means the Kaby Lake CPU’s might still be best overall consumer gaming option, Ryzen’s twice as many cores gives it a real leg up in heavily multi-threaded gaming (and non gaming).

For previous AMD owners who was left with a bad taste in their mouth after forking out for the FX 9XXX series CPUs riddled with heat and stability issues and underwhelming performance, Ryzen is definitely worth giving AMD a second chance. With these 8 core CPUs now on the same 14nm process as Kaby Lake and only having TDPs of just 95w we don’t anticipate any heat issues with it only being 4w higher than Intel’s quad core i7 range which are extremely heat efficient.

I’m sure benchmarks and videos from YouTube reviewers will be flooding the internet shortly but we can already confirm, AMD is back in the CPU game and Intel better watch out if it wants to keep it’s current dominant market share in the desktop CPU market.

So what are you waiting for ? Jump on to our store website at and start customising the AMD Ryzen Wraith Custom Gaming PC today. Systems begin assembly when stock lands March 3rd, first in first served.


Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC [Evatech] Vs The Pryon Storm Scout II [Harvey Norman]

By specialising in custom gaming PCs the value we can offer over other stores in terms of customisability, performance, price, service and quality is unrivalled. There are definitely some stores out there come close in some areas, but when it comes to a custom gaming PCs specifically, we can confidently claim to be Australia’s #1.

To highlight one of the biggest offenders we’ve picked out Harvey Norman’s ‘Pryron’ series of gaming PCs, particularly the one for sale now at the time of this post, the Storm Scout II. To compare and contrast we have put together a custom Valkyrie PC using the website, PC ID 64345 (link). This might seem a little harsh, but I’ll stick to the facts, break it down part by part and try to let you make your own decision.


AMD R9 300 Series Graphics Cards Arrive Next Week!

The long awaited 300 series of AMD GPU’s are hitting shelves next week and customers can already pre-order the MSI range from our website with the usual suspects (Asus, Gigabyte etc) soon to follow.

While the top of the end Fury and FuryX cards due next month, the current range of 3XX R9 and R7 cards are essentially a re-branding of the the previous generation 200 series with some much needed optimizations and new sharper price point.

The MSI range of R9 300 series cards feature an updated TwinFrozr V cooler that MSI claim was 18 months in development and features stronger fans, generating less noise than the already award winning TwinForzr IV design.

Visit for the full range and pre-order yours today. Stay tuned to the Evatech news blog for more big releases and details on all the latest games and components.


GTX 980 TI Images Start to Leak (EVGA / Asus / Gigabyte) has gathered a bunch yet to be officially released GTX 980 TI marketing images from multiple GPU vendors with multiple reference and non reference cooler models.

Release dates are expected to confirmed closer to the June 16th release of the AMD R9 300 series only 2 short weeks away!

Unconfirmed specifications are rumoured to be;

  • 6GB of GDDR5 (2GB More than the GTX 980)
  • 2816 Cuda Cores (Only 2048 in a GTX 980)
  • Memory Clock 7GHz (Same as the GTX 980)
  • 384bit Memory Interface (only 256bit on the GTX 980)

Coming R9 300 unconfirmed leaks suggest new card much faster than GTX980

Screenshots posted on popular Chinese hardware forum ChipHell has shown a 3dMark 11 X score of X8121 reportedly achieved with a single R9 3 series card paired with a i7 4790K @ 4.0GHz.

Compare this to the results of a GTX 980 in the same test with the same CPU and the results are around X6850. That means if the leaked benchmarks are to believed, a 15% + performance difference.


Stock Shortage : AMD R9 280x and R9 290s (Possible Refresh Coming!)

Stock of all the R9 280x and R9 290 and quickly disappearing at all the major Australian distributors and re-sellers. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire and XFX distributors are all out of stock of these particular SKUs, with some completely removing the SKU from their catalogs.

With a rumor (now confirmed) that 8GB versions of the R9 290X was due in the coming weeks, we are guessing the R9 280x and 290 will be getting some sort of refresh also. With no known replacement on the horizon for these disappearing cards it’s unlikely they have been completely discontinued. Industry & enthusiast forums speculate the refresh will replace the current Tahiti GPUs with TONGA based GPUs.


November Sale! Custom Gaming PC Prices Slashed + New STRIX and GALAX GPUs.

While other vendors are hiking up their prices to compensate for the recent falls in the AU dollar, Evatech is bucking the trend. For the month of November we have slashed the prices on custom gaming PCs and components! If you have already customized a PC on our website but not yet placed an order, all you need to do is click ‘Customize‘ and with all the options just as they where, click Save & Continue to get the new updated pricing.


Lords of the Fallen on PC Shows Off Nvidia GameWorks Technology

In a two minute youtube video posted on Nvidia’s official account page, the upcoming PC title ‘Lords of the Fallen’ shows off GameWorks, the proprietary visual effects suite provided to the developer by Nvidia.

Heralded as ‘Dark Souls taken to the next level’ by, Lords of the Fallen is a action RPG coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Volumetric lighting,  turbulence, particle and cloth effects have all been built upon the GameWorks infrastructure and look impressive even in this compressed youtube video.


Building a Gaming PC for Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

Monolith’s Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor has been getting a lot hype ahead of it’s release tomorrow and if the big game review sites are to believed, rightly so.

  • 8/10 –
  • 9.3/10
  • 5/5
  • 4.5/5

Gigabyte R9 285 OC Unboxing, Hands On & Benchmarking [GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD]

Not being released to retail until next week, Evatech has got its hands on AMDs brand new 28nm Tonga XT GPU this afternoon and is bringing you what might be a world first, hands on with the R9 285!

So without further ado, lets get to it. Keep in mind we are not professional reviewers, just enthusiasts who got a new toy early, so we apologize in advance for the limited amount of testing & details.

UPDATE : [Correction] R9 285 not R9 285x