Q: Who can squeeze 4 Liquid Cooled 1080s in a single PC? A: Evatech

When the University of Melbourne came to us and asked for 4 liquid cooled GTX 1080’s plus a liquid CPU cooler in a single PC we made it happen. It sure wasn’t the easiest build we’ve ever done and squeezing 5 radiators and all that tubing in to a single E-ATX chassis but we did our homework, […]

Buy Now, Pay Later – 6 Months Interest Free with ZipMoney!

Many of you have asked, finally it’s here, just in time for Christmas. Available from today, customers can purchase anything from our store, including custom gaming PCs without paying a dime today. ZipMoney allows customers to pay off their purchase (up to $7,000 depending on eligibility) over time with the first 6 months interest free […]

Custom PC Pre-Christmas Delivery Cut Off Dates

Update : Order before midnight Sunday (20/12/15) and your order will be ready to collect on or before Christmas Eve. Our couriers will be operating from the 28th to the 31st of December resuming normal business hours on the 4th of January. Update 2 : From now until Christmas Eve all custom gaming PCs are eligible for free video […]

HOW TO : Customising A Gaming PC to Play Star Citizen

We have had a lot of customers recently, (and we mean A LOT) ordering custom gaming PCs just to play Star Citizen. So much so that with all the research we’ve had to do to answer their questions, we feel as though we can pretty accurately make hardware recommendations to suit your performance expectations. We tested […]

900mm Extended Star Citizen Mouse / Desk Mat Free With Any Custom PC!

While stocks last, we are giving away these gorgeous enormous desk mats designed to fit under both your keyboard and mouse! At 90cm in width these optical mouse optimized textile surfaced mouse mats come with an all natural high grip rubber backing to keep them firmly in place during even the most intense firefights. Available […]

X99, DDR4 and the Haswell-E series CPU’s now available in the Ragnarok custom gaming PC!

The X99 series with all it’s Haswell-E and DDR4 glory has arrived at Evatech. While the components have been available separately for a while, supply is finally steady enough that we have upgraded our previously X79 based Ragnarok custom gaming PCs to the brand new X99 platform. Your choice of six beastly motherboards to combine […]