New Skylake CPUs and Motherboards Join the Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC!

B150 and H170 chipset motherboards now offer a lower cost solution to pair with the also newly released i5 any i7 ‘non k’ edition CPUs. These CPUs and motherboards were released this morning and are currently in stock ready for assembly! Joing the B150 and H170 motherboard options are the brand spanking new line up […]

Custom Gaming PC Best (& Least) Selling Hardware By City

Here at Evatech we love data! Not selling or sharing personal data with ad agencies, but generalized market data that can help us better understand and serve our customer base.  Just in case anyone else finds this as interesting as we do,  here is a look at what gaming hardware PC gamers are buying broken […]

HOW TO : Customising A Gaming PC to Play Star Citizen

We have had a lot of customers recently, (and we mean A LOT) ordering custom gaming PCs just to play Star Citizen. So much so that with all the research we’ve had to do to answer their questions, we feel as though we can pretty accurately make hardware recommendations to suit your performance expectations. We tested […]

What’s new this week at Evatech? MSI Laptops, Gaming Mice, 34″ Ultrawide Monitors & More

Every week we try to bring you something new and exciting from the world of PC IT and this week alone there is a massive 30 new products we’ve added to your list. The new MSI gaming laptops are here, including the first to have NVIDIA’s latest GTX 9 series GPU. The 17 inch i7 […]