Metro Exodus, Coming to PC FEB 15th 2019

Fans of the series probably are already keenly aware that the next installment in the critically acclaimed Metro series is only just over a month away. However there are probably a lot of you out there who might not have tried the previous games and are hungry for some proper post-apocalyptic single player action after […]

Holiday Season PC Gaming Titles to Get Ready For!

It’s that time of year again! A years worth the most anticipated PC games are all set to launch in the next 90 days, all competing for your holiday season dollars. Is your gaming rig ready? If not, checkout our Evatech game library page and easily build your next gaming rig with highlighted system requirements […]

Get game hardware requirements while customizing your next PC!

Building a custom gaming to with a particular game in mind to play? Want to know¬†exactly what hardware you need to play this game at minimum, recommended or ultra settings? Our newly updated website makes that a breeze! Simply select any game from our game database, choose the base PC you would like to start […]