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RGB Mayhem : X299 Build with MSI GTX 1080 TI Lightning Z & InWin Chassis

An absolute beast of a GPU, the MSI GTX 1080 TI Lightning edition was doled out in very limited quantities to official MSI partners not long ago and instead of hiking up the price and selling them to make a quick buck, we selected a handful of lucky customers who ordered a regular GTX 1080 TI powered custom gaming PC and gave them out as free upgrades!

Photo’s don’t really do it justice, but the very slick fully programmable RGBs that light up the card through an diffuser to smooth out the effect just like G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB RAM look spectacular.

Build Logs

Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Source 340 White

An affordable yet powerful beast of a gaming PC that looks clean – sure to power our customer’s gaming needs for years to come.

With a primarily black and white theme going on the little red accents around the CPU cooler fans really pop.

The NZXT Source S340 White edition with it’s matte black interior finish not only looks great but has plenty of room for future upgrades.


This week @ Evatech, Liquid Cooled GPUs, Brushed Aluminium, SLI & TridentX RAM

As we creep up to Christmas the orders just start flooding in! While a lot of the orders are pretty similar, well rounded, economical, good value for money custom PC builds, there are always a few that make even our tech team to assemble these things all day every day, stop and snap a photo.

Without further ado, here is just a small sampling of some of the bests this week to give a few ideas for your next custom gaming PC.

Why liquid cool your CPU when you can liquid cool your GPU? The Seahawk from MSI is co-engineered with Corsiar using their tried and true H55 pump and radiator, prefixed to the MSI PCB and encased in a blower air cooler for the VRM heatsinks.


Blue RAM, Blue LED CPU Cooler and Blue PSU Cabling coming together nicely on a matt black MSI motherboard and glossy white NZXT case.


Love them or hate them, the Steamcastle from Deepcool is definitely different. They might be on their way out and stock is getting hard to come by, so this might very well be one of the last we build.

right-side-panel-down-Steamcastle Red

G.Skill’s black and white TidentX DDR4 memory never fails to look pretty in any build, no sharp contrasting colors, just sleek glossy and understated while still being sharp and most importantly, a rock solid performer.


With a customer base so geared towards gaming, the number of SLI builds we get it’s a lot higher than you might guess. It’s by no means cheap, and a single card is always more cost effective, but if you need ALL the power you can get, it’s always an option.


If you your looking for a premium quality chassis, something that just screams ‘premium’ at a glance, InWin’s brushed metal and tempered glass 900 series are tough to beat.


Inspired? Head on over to our custom PC builder page today and checkout your options! You don’t even need to know anything about computers, let our built in error checking & warning system look after you and checkout our game database to help you tailor your performance to the types of games you play! Instant quotes, easy online ordering, 100% custom computers delivered nation wide!


GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080’s From MSI, Asus and Gigabyte in stock!

With stock shortages plaguing retailers and distributors world wide, stock comes and goes so fast we barely have time to scan in them in before they are shipped out or picked up from our store! While stock allocations are slowly improving we still advise customers to place orders online and wait for the ‘ready for pickup’ email or get your pre-orders if you require shipping ASAP to avoid disappointment.

With some of the big resellers out of stock for extended periods of time we secure multiple shipments a week to make sure you wait as little possible to get your hands on your brand 10 series GPU.

With some of Australia’s best prices, quick fulfillment of orders, first class after sales support and the best first tier partner brands and models to choose from, what are you waiting for? Check out the range by clicking here, or get an entirely new custom gaming PC powered by one of these beasts fully assembled, setup, burn in tested and ready to go right out of the box by clicking here.


Next Gen MSI Gaming Laptops and Acer IPS G series Monitors!

What’s new this week at Evatech?

  • Acer’s G series IPS low latency 1080P gaming monitors. With a tilt-able stand these monitors come in three different sizes (23″,25″,27″). Great low cost gaming panels, currently the lowest price IPS panels in our catalogue!
  • MSI Gaming Laptops! All powered by the latest generation 6th Gen Intel Core mobile series and focused directly at gamers these laptops come in 15 or 17″ form factors with dedicated GPUs, SteelSeries gaming keyboards, Nahimic Sound, gamin optimized LAN and WiFi and Windows 10!
  • Easy 1 click game specific gaming PC customisation! Instead of digging through our game database, selecting a game, then selecting a custom PC base configuration customers now get a quick, easy, 1 click option to select from a list of the latest release titles to customize their PC for just as they mouse over the ‘Customize’ button on any Gaming PC! Selecting a game will display the minimum, recommended and ultra hardware requirements to run that specific game at 1080p, right in line as you make your component selections.



Overclocking A Skylake i5 6600K

Interested in building a new Skylake gaming PC and thinking about overclocking it? This article will break down what you need and what you can safely expect to get out of an unlocked Intel 6600K i5 CPU with the right motherboard & cooler.


MSI X99A & Z97A USB 3.1 Ready Motherboards Now @ Evatech!

MSI has refreshed their entire Z97 and X99 line to include USB3.1 support! These models can easily be identified by the ‘A’ in their name (X99-A / Z97-A) and sport a mix of type A and type C connectors.

For those not already familiar with the new USB 3.1 technology, it offers multiple advantages over standard USB 3.0 ports. First and foremost as you would expect, transfer speeds have significantly improved with real world benchmarks showing 50-75% increases over USB 3.0 in reads and 30-50% in writes depending on the environment. Secondly,  with USB 3.1 comes the Type C connector, much smaller than standard USB connectors and best of all, it’s reversible!

USB Type C


AMD R9 300 Series Graphics Cards Arrive Next Week!

The long awaited 300 series of AMD GPU’s are hitting shelves next week and customers can already pre-order the MSI range from our website with the usual suspects (Asus, Gigabyte etc) soon to follow.

While the top of the end Fury and FuryX cards due next month, the current range of 3XX R9 and R7 cards are essentially a re-branding of the the previous generation 200 series with some much needed optimizations and new sharper price point.

The MSI range of R9 300 series cards feature an updated TwinFrozr V cooler that MSI claim was 18 months in development and features stronger fans, generating less noise than the already award winning TwinForzr IV design.

Visit for the full range and pre-order yours today. Stay tuned to the Evatech news blog for more big releases and details on all the latest games and components.


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The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt FREE with any MSI GTX 980 / 970 or 960 until MAY 31st

From March 30th to May 31st, buy any GTX 960/970 and 980’s from MSI at Evatech and you will be eligible for a free copy of the brand new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

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  • To be eligible, consumers must purchase selected MSI GTX 980/970/960 Series Graphics card from 30th March 2015 to 31st May 2015 (promotional period) from an authorized and participating MSI retailer/reseller within APAC ONLY.
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