AMD R9 300 Series Graphics Cards Arrive Next Week!

The long awaited 300 series of AMD GPU’s are hitting shelves next week and customers can already pre-order the MSI range from our website with the usual suspects (Asus, Gigabyte etc) soon to follow.

While the top of the end Fury and FuryX cards due next month, the current range of 3XX R9 and R7 cards are essentially a re-branding of the the previous generation 200 series with some much needed optimizations and new sharper price point.

The MSI range of R9 300 series cards feature an updated TwinFrozr V cooler that MSI claim was 18 months in development and features stronger fans, generating less noise than the already award winning TwinForzr IV design.

Visit for the full range and pre-order yours today. Stay tuned to the Evatech news blog for more big releases and details on all the latest games and components.