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What is Evatech Custom PC 'Pro' mode?

At no extra cost to you, our classic PC builder service has trained expert technicians selecting the best, most compatible, and optimised brands and models of core components to fill your order.
Pro mode allows you to select the specific models and brands for each component of your PC instead of leaving the decision to Evatech's professional technicians.

What are the benefits of using 'Pro' mode?

If you want to select specific models of each component and are confident in your ability to select a compatible, well optimised configuration, Pro mode is for you.

What should I know before using 'Pro' mode?

With pro mode you are selecting the exact models of each component yourself; you are responsible for the ultimate functionality, compatibility, and overall performance of the build. If you would prefer to simply select the series of products you wish to purchase and leave the exact model selection to the same trained professionals responsible for building your PC, we suggest you to back to our classic, simple PC builder mode.

Additionally, selecting the exact model of each component can increase lead times as some products may be temporarily out of stock or require 1-2 days to acquire from local distributors. Leaving the final model selection to our team not only guarantees you an optimised and fully compatible final build, but will likely also result in faster processing of your order.

But if I don't select specific models you will just give me the cheapest models, right?

No, price is not a factor taken into consideration by technicians selecting the components for your PC. The key selection criteria for our technicians are:

Furthermore, we only use locally sourced and always brand new components from first class brands through official distributors. This means no grey imports, no refurbished items, no generic brands.
No compromises or corners cut; the Evatech guarantee.


Brands used in Evatech's Custom PCs