Return to Base PC Warranty.

All Evatech PCs come with a baseline per-component RTB (Return to Base) warranty allowing you the freedom to modify and/or upgrade your PC without losing your right to repair or replacement should a component of your system fail.

  • RAM, Pro-Spec SSDs, NVMe SSDs, & Gold rated Power Supplies: 5 Years
  • CPU, Motherboard, Graphics Card, SATA SSD, & Bronze or lower rated Power Supplies: 3 Years
  • All Other Components: 2 Years

In addition to the baseline warranty offered on these systems, premium pick up and return nationwide warranty services are optional during the customisation process. These must be ordered with the system up-front and cannot be added to your order later. If selected, this can extend all component warranties out to a maximum of 5 years and covers pick up and return courier delivery as well as other perks and bonuses clearly advertised at the time of purchase.

Our systems are built by experts from only the highest quality components and rigorously burn in tested before being dispatched to ensure the lowest possible chances of failure.