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What is AMD Ryzen?

Ryzen is AMD's latest motherboard and CPU chipset. With a focus on core counts over individual core speeds this platform is great for heavily multi-threaded games and workloads but may not be the best for those games that favor core speed over high core counts (which is most of them).

What are the benefits of AMD Ryzen?

We recommend the AMD Ryzen platform generally only for hardware enthusiasts who like to tinker with their hardware and actually have a use case suitable to take full advantage of the extra cores. If you didn't know what Ryzen was before reading this, it's probably not for you. If you just want a stable, reliable gaming PC with a great value / dollar ratio, checkout the Valkyrie X system instead.

What should I know before ordering a Ryzen powered PC?

The platform is still very new and relatively niche compared to the Intel chipsets; minor issues and bugs are par for the course. Almost all games and software have been built optimised for the much more universal Intel platforms and this means bugs and performance issues are not uncommon with some specific titles. BIOS updates, driver updates, system setting tweaks, occasional game crashes and some unsupported drivers and software are all things you may need to prepare yourself for with a Ryzen PC at this stage so bare that in mind before proceeding.

But if I have any problems I can just send it back for warranty, right?

In the case of hardware faults, yes of course, just like any product we sell! However, if the fault or issue is not due to faulty hardware and simply incompatibility or unoptimised drivers or code, this is not covered by warranty. We will gladly assist you in troubleshooting and finding a solution via email or over the phone but cannot accept a return based on issues that are likely not hardware related.


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