Build Log (Customised Intel Ultimate Gaming in Corsair Vengeance C70)

CPU: Intel Haswell i7 4771 4-Core 3.5GHz Motherboard: MSI Intel 1150 Z87-GD45-Gaming RAM: Corsair 8GB 2x4GB 2133MHz V-Pro Red C9 Case: Corsair Vengeance C70 Gunmetal Black Power Supply: Corsair 750W CX-750V3 80+ Bronze Primary Storage Device: Samsung 120G 840BW EVO Second Storage Device: Western Digital 1TB Blue Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX760 4GB OC Optical Drive: […]

Build Log (Customised Intel Ultimate Gaming PC in NZXT Phantom 630)

CPU: Intel Haswell i7-4770 3.4GHz Motherboard: MSI Intel 1150 Z87-GD45-Gaming RAM: Mushkin Blackline 32GB 2133MHz 1.5v C11 Case: NZXT Phantom 630 Matte Black Power Supply: Cooler Master G Series 700W 80+ Primary Storage Device: Seagate 1TB Barracuda Second Storage Device: Mushkin Chronos 240GB SandForce MLC SSD Graphics Card: Asus GTX770 4GB DCII OC Network Card: […]

Gaming Computers

Here at Evatech, we get a lot of questions from people not quite sure which gaming PC suits them. Which one is the best value? Will it run Battlefield? World of Warcarft? The latest Call of Duty? To really answer these questions you first need to consider a few different angles. What is ‘value’ to you? Is […]

Gaming Mice

What makes a mouse a ‘gaming mouse’? Let me provide you with a detailed answer on that. A gaming mouse can possess many defining attributes that when combined; give their user the ultimate control over their mouse movements. These attributes include variable DPI, additional buttons and even customisable weights. I’ll go into more detail on each […]

Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboards are likely to be the way everyone interacts with their PC, whether for home, work or gaming use – alongside the mouse of course. With the amount of abuse keyboards receive from us, it’s important that it keeps working to get us through the day so the desired task is done. Enter mechanical keyboards.