Custom Built Gaming Computers

Enhance your gaming experience with a custom gaming PC from Evatech. We offer an extensive range of gaming desktops and PCs from top tier high-quality brands and manufacuterers. Customising a gaming PC can be overwhelming when considering the vast options available. As Australia's premiere gaming desktop PC provider, we streamline the process with only the best high-quality and high-performing components. Buying an Evatech built PC means getting durable, high performance quality PC built to last. As PC gaming community and hardware evolves, so do we. Experience next-level latest-gen gaming PCs with Evatech.
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Custom PC Options for Gamers

We have both pre-configured customisable systems and fully pre-built gaming computers for gamers who want to just jump in & play instant. With plenty of options to choose from, your next gaming PC is just a few clicks away just waiting for you to install and fire up all your favorite games. Evatech recognises the unique needs of each Aussie gamer and constantly curates a wide range of all the best PC hardware to suit your budget and goals in your next dream PC in our world class online custom PC builder.

Benefits of Custom Gaming PCs

Getting a custom gaming PC offers the following:

  • Best Performance for Your Games: With a custom gaming PC, you can choose from all the best options. The latest CPUs & RAM or most powerful GPUs, NVMe storage and so much more. Boost your performance further and pair that high end hardware with top class cooling and ventilation for the best results.
  • Built for Your Style: Every gamer has different preferences. With a custom gaming PC, you get a system built your favourite games and play style. Plus, you can easily upgrade parts as game demands grow instead of getting a whole new system.
  • Save Money Over Time: Custom PCs might cost a little more upfront, but they offer better value long-term. You only spend on parts you want, leaving more money for future upgrades done the line.
  • Make It Uniquely Yours: A custom gaming PC lets you blend aesthetics, from RGB lights to standout cases. You customise it, we built, test and deliver Australia wide!
  • Better Warranty and Expert Support: Buying a custom PC also means you get to choose the warranty option that best suits you. With an up to 5 year extended warranty on offer, you can secure your investment for the long haul!

Benefits of Custom Gaming PCs

Here are important factors to consider when it comes to choosing between pre-built and custom gaming PCs:

  1. Understand Your Gaming PC Needs

    Before diving into the specifics of each option concider the type of games you play and how you want to play them! If you're new to PC gaming and not really sure where to begin a pre-built PC is likley the best place to start. If you're a hardcore gamer and have a bit of understand of hardware and how it all works under the hood, a custom PC lets you pick specific parts tailored to your exact needs.

  2. Consider Your Budget

    Your budget plays a significant role in this decision. Pre-built PCs from Evatech are often a bit more affordable upfront and offer top performance for the price. With so many possible combinations, a built to order custom gaming PC can cost slightly more initially, you might not find exactly what you are looking for from the pre-built options offered.

  3. Flexibility and Upgradability

    Both Evatech's pre-built and custom PCs are upgradable built using industry standard compliant hardware with no proprietary limiting factors. You can shop with confidence that you'll have plenty of options down the line to step up to new hardware or add storage capacity down the line.

  4. Aesthetic Preferences

    Pre-built PCs are made to suit many budgets and tastes, but your taste and budget might not be met within a single pre-built on offer. A custom PC will give you the flexibility and freedom to get you everything you want without compromise.

What Sets Evatech Apart?

With over a decade of experiance building the best gaming PCs right here in Australia you're in safe hands. When you buy a gaming PC from us, we guarantee:

  • Advanced Components: Evatech equips all it's gaming PCs with the newest hardware, ensuring best possible performance.
  • Expert Assembly: Building a gaming PC is complex. Evatech's technicians can do the assembly for you reducing the chance of complications and optimising your PCs performance long term.
  • Rigorous Testing: We test each gaming PC thoroughly before shipping. By the time it reaches you, it's ensured to be stable and high performing, ready to deliver a smooth gaming experiance from the start.
  • Extensive Warranties and Easy Return Policies: Evatech gaming PC are covered by warranties against defects. We work with manufacturers & suppliers to repair or replace any faulty products. We also have made our customer support & warranty return process as straightforward as possible so you can get back to gaming as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding Edge Upgrade Program: With tech evolving at lightspeed, a selection of a Bleeding Edge Upgrade option gives you peace of mind that you can jump to new tech with little downside, and you won't have to delay your gaming experiences in the meantime.

Buy a Custom Gaming PC in Australia

Get the best PC gaming experience with a custom PC from Evatech. We focus on quality, reliability and first class customer support and we do it all right here at home in Australia. From our HQ in Melbourne, all the way to Perth, Brisbane to Hobart, Sydney to Adelaide and everywhere in between, we have you covered.

Want an instant indicator of the level of performance you can expect in a game as you customise your next dream gaming PC? Want to build a custom gaming PC to play games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 or Brighter Shores? Maybe STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl or Stormgate is more your style?
Don't worry, we have you covered with these games plus so many more in our game database.

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Build a Gaming PC for Stormgate
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Build a Gaming PC for Soulmask
Build a Gaming PC for MultiVersus
Build a Gaming PC for XDefiant
Build a Gaming PC for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
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When you buy an EVATECH PC you know you are getting a system that has been built by experts from brand new, latest generation components sourced officially from the worlds leading PC hardware brands.

Dedicated Service

Our staff are trained PC hardware experts who live and breathe the tech they proudly sell. No jargon, up-sells, tricks or shady behind the scenes sales incentives, just honest genuine advice every time.

Secure Checkout

Multiple SSL encrypted, secure payment options are available at checkout and we never at any stage store any personal financial information. Now including LayBy and zip 6 months interest free!

1st Class Warranty

Get covered up to 5 years priority warranty with pick-up and return paid nation wide on all custom PCs. Plus our service team is always happy to assist troubleshooting via email, phone or in store.

Burn In Tested, Ready to Plug-n-Play

Every single custom build Evatech PC goes through an extensive line of burn in tests to ensure your new system is rock solid from the moment it arrives. Just unbox, plug in and play.

Game Database

Want to know how your new custom gaming PC will handle the latest games before you order? Simply save any custom PC configuration and we'll let you know how well it will perform in a huge range of the latest games before you buy!

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