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Battlefield V / Metro Exodus / Anthem
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Gaming PC for Devil May Cry 5Gaming PC for Apex: LegendsGaming PC for Metro ExodusGaming PC for The Division 2Gaming PC for Just Cause 4Gaming PC for Battlefield VGaming PC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Our PC Game database lets YOU customise your Gaming PC build tailored to the latest releases as you shop!
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Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in Corsair Spec Omega Black
Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in Corsair Spec Omega Black
Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in Corsair 780T Black
Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in Corsair 780T Black
The Division 2 on PC [Gaming Review]
The Division 2 on PC [Gaming Review]
Evatech VS. Harvey Norman Gaming PC
Evatech VS. Harvey Norman Gaming PC
"I have to say the system works beautifully. We got everything installed and ran some benchmarks, it looks like data sets we thought would take a month or more to process can now be done in a day or two. Very exciting." — University of Melbourne – VIC (17/03/2017) (see more)

Delivering Australia's best custom computers to Melbourne | Sydney | Canberra | Adelaide | Brisbane | Hobart every day.

Evatech Build Example
Evatech Build Example
Evatech Build Example

If you're shopping around for a new desktop computer, you're in the right place. Save money without compromising quality and customise your next PC online today with Evatech. Hand assembled to order, we deliver Australia wide, proudly serving Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Cairns, and everywhere in-between. Australia's best custom PCs are found at Evatech.

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Valkyrie Gaming PC in Corsair 570X Black & Red RGB
Valkyrie Gaming PC in Corsair 570X Black & Red RGB
Custom PCs, easier than you think
Custom PCs, easier than you think
Radeon VII costs the same as RTX 2080, and performs worse?
Radeon VII costs the same as RTX 2080, and performs worse?
Customising a Gaming PC for Metro Exodus in 2019
Customising a Gaming PC for Metro Exodus in 2019

The Best Gaming PCs are Custom Built to Order with Just the Click of a Few Buttons

In 2013, after months of tireless development and testing, Evatech.com.au launched to the public offering for the very first time in Australia, the ability to order 100% truly custom built to order PCs online and have them delivered to your door. Where other stores offered you the ability to make a few minor changes to what was essentially a pre-configured PC, Evatech stood apart in offering the ability to literally choose every single component of the system from a wide range of the latest and greatest components. That means literally trillions of possible combinations!

Our founding team not only had decades of enthusiast PC hardware experience between them but a common dream, to build a business around the industry they loved offering customers a new level of unprecedented value and freedom of choice. The objectives were clear from day 1 and to this day remain the core of business.

  • 100% truly custom computers done right
  • Top shelf brand new component Guarantee. Zero refurbs or generics!
  • Truly genuine expert advice: No up-sells, no-tricks
  • To offer the latest generation hardware possible
Having started with a focus on Gaming PCs and fast branching out in to enthusiast workstations, servers, and highly specialised business and multimedia production PCs, we are constantly striving to improve our online custom PC builder with features like automatic error detection, instant game performance indicators, and an always up to date selection of the latest and greatest PC hardware from the world's leading brands like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and so many more. Because we build our systems to order, we can offer the newest components the moment they launch, so there is never a need to worry about paying for something that is superseded the moment you get it!

It's never been easier, even if you're a complete PC hardware novice! With a few clicks you're off and running, all you need to do is select the components you want, click 'Save & Continue' and our online PC builder will save your configuration in our database. Save the PCID number, or send the URL to a friend and you or any one else can hop on our website and bring it right back at any time. When you decide to pull the trigger and place an order all you need to do is click the 'add to cart' button and follow the checkout steps as instructed. It's quick, secure and simple! If you run in to any trouble or have any questions just shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll walk you through every step of the way.

Gaming or Workstation Computers, Customised, Pre-built, Setup, Tested & Delivered

Once your order is placed our team kicks in to action! Our sales team will review your custom PC order to double check for any possible issues before locking it in and passing it on to our technicians. Once in our technicians' queue you can track the progress of it online with live status updates! Our technicians work through the queue building each system as if it was their very own, never rushing or compromising quality and adhering to strict practices to ensure your PC is perfect from the moment you take it out of the box. Once built, we install your choice of operating system and all the latest drives before running a wide range of tests on the machine to ensure every single component is rock-solid.

Once our technicians are done building, setting up, and testing your custom PC it then goes to warehouse team who use a combination of polystyrene inserts, custom molded foam, thick cardboard boxes, fragile labeling, black packing shrink-wrap and a LOT of heavy duty bubble wrap (and we mean A LOT) to make sure your PC is safe and sound on its journey from our HQ in Melbourne to your doorstep. Pickup is also available.

If that wasn't enough, all our PCs are shipped fully insured against loss or damage in transit for that added extra peace of mind and you can select up to a 5 year warranty on any custom PC and we will cover the cost of all labor, replacement parts, and shipping both ways!

The best PCs shipped to every corner of Australia, with love from Melbourne

Melbourne might be our home, but we service every part of Australia. Evatech custom PCs can be found in thousands of happy customers' homes, businesses, schools & universities, and government buildings all around the nation. Some of our clients include;

  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • Swinburne University
  • Deakin University
  • Channel 7 Studios Sydney
  • Hisense
  • Gaming/LAN cafes throughout Canberrra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane
  • and many, many more
We take a lot of pride in our work, making sure our technical, sales, and support teams are constantly studying the latest and greatest in PC cutting edge PC hardware to make sure you get expert unbeatable advice and support every step of the way. Have you ever walked in to an electronics store to buy a new computer and been up-sold or talked out of buying something? Left convinced that the shady salesmen who was so pushy didn't actually know a thing about the product he was selling? That’s exactly the type of deplorable business practices that lead us to start Evatech to begin with! Anyone you speak to online, on the phone or in store has zero incentives to up-sell any customer or push you to place an order on the spot. Our only KPI is customer satisfaction. In fact, we talk customers out of spending too much on components they don't need or won't utilise almost every day!

Unrivaled service, expertise, passion and quality. Custom PCs done right

A lot of PC component stores will offer you some sort of service where you go ahead and select a bunch of off the shelf components yourself and pay them extra to assemble it for you but the amount of research it takes to figure out what's compatible with each other, if any components are bottlenecking others, or if the system as a whole is optimised for performance and value is a nightmare! Especially if you're not a die-hard PC enthusiast like we are. We've done the homework and studied the nitty-gritty details far deeper than a good search and a forum thread will ever get you and half the time they're ill-informed, biased, or just plain wrong anyway! Why waste your time? Just get in touch and let us know what you need. We would love to help you configure something that's perfect your use case and budget, it's completely free and there's never any obligation to buy!

Just hit our contact page linked above and give us a call or shoot us email. We endeavor to respond to all emails within 30 minutes during business hours. All we need to know to get started is;

  • What will you primarily use it for? (Gaming / Video Editing / Office Work)
  • What's your budget?
  • Do you need WiFi, or a DVD / Bluray Drive?
  • How much storage capacity do you require?
  • Do you have any aesthetic preferences?
It's that simple, just let us do the rest! Or if you think you know the basics enough to get started just head on over to our online custom PC builder pages linked above and you can get started with an instant quote as you configure your ideal system in your own time, to your exact needs without the stress of a pushy salesman or impatient queue of customers waiting behind you!