Evatech, Australia's Best PC Builder Since 2013

Want to know more about who you're spending your hard-earned dollars with?

Wise move! Computers can be can be a sizable investment and it definitely pays to do your due diligence when shopping online. Luckily, you've come to the right place. We've built our business upon our stellar reputation, cutting zero corners and providing nothing but the best in customer service, support, and value.

The Basics

  • Australia's only truly 100% custom built to order online computer specialists.
  • Headquartered in Melbourne, our Keysborough store is open to the public from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Australian owned and operated, founded in 2013 by industry veterans and PC hardware experts.
  • Building hundreds of PCs a month, we supply universities, schools, government departments, and businesses.
  • The first custom PC retailer in Australia to offer a completely online ordering solution with built in auto-compatibility checking.
  • The first custom PC retailer in the world to offer online game performance indicators as you customise your PC.
  • ABN 83 162 049 596

The Evatech Story

Founded in Melbourne in early 2013, Evatech was the creation of a small team of industry veterans combining decades of expertise and a true passion for PC hardware. All working at various PC hardware retailers at the time, they came together with dreams of doing what no one else in Australia was doing, and risked it all to make it happen.

  • To offer truly 100% custom, built to order from the latest generation components to every Australian, not just the DIY community.
  • To build, setup and thoroughly burn in test every single system to the highest of standards and deliver them safely nationwide.
  • To have an online ordering process that is powerful & unrestricted for pro's, yet easy for beginners.
  • To hold our team to the highest standards of customer service, pre and post-sale without compromise, KPIs, targets or up-sells.
  • To never cut corners and guarantee the use of only top shelf high quality brand new latest generation hardware.
  • To build our brand on the back of honest and demonstrated reliability, quality, transparency and service.
  • To do all the above at the best possible price without compromising the product or customer experience.
From humble beginnings serving the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Evatech now proudly delivers its custom PCs to tens of thousands of customers all around Australia. Trusted by an ever-growing number of the nation's schools, businesses, universities, government departments, and of course PC gamers in every state & territory of this great country we can proudly and honestly claim to be Australia's best and have the reputation and numbers to prove it.

The Evatech Difference

Evatech was founded by a die-hard team PC hardware enthusiasts who saw the need for a trustworthy source for custom built PCs tailored to your budget and use case. We're not bean counters, marketing wizards or sales guru's. We're PC hardware enthusiasts who have built our brand solely on our reputation for value, quality and service. So many years our team has grown, but core philosophy hasn't changed. We love what we do and do what we love. Providing Aussies with great value, high quality PCs built by experts to fit their exact purpose and budget.

The pitfalls of shopping for a new PC are endless. Walk in to a JB, Harvey Norman or Officeworks and you'll get a handful of uncustomisable options, all overpriced, most often filled with previous generation hardware. They are all built by the lowest bidder in a sweatshop thousands of kilometers away, pre-loaded full of crap you don't want and sold by a pushy salesman who will tell you what ever he thinks you want to hear as he tries to reach his monthly quota. Need after sales support? Well get ready to wait on hold for a while until the off-shore call centre worker load's up his pre-written script and gets ready to ask you an infuriating series of irrelevant questions.

How about your local independent computer store? Trust them not to fill your system full or generics, refurbished/used units, or illegitimate software licenses while charging you full price? Worried they might be gone long before your warranty runs out, or simply lie to you about the problem and try to charge you to fix it when it should be free!?

How are we different? Well our sales team are actually experts in what they are selling and will never push you to upgrade or add anything you don't need! In fact, we often recommend downgrades and cutting out things you don't need to save you money! Crazy right? It's true. We want to sell you the best value machine for needs, nothing more. Furthermore, we have strict quality and warranty guarantees, adhere to the highest standards and best practices, build all systems right here in Australia and handle all support and warranty requests in-house with the highest priority working with you to troubleshoot and resolve any issues ASAP.

  • Truly customer first sales and support policies
    Expert honest advice only. No up-sells, no tricks, no targets or incentives.
  • 100% custom for unrivaled freedom of choice
    Get exactly what you want without compromise or paying for extras you don't need!
  • A warranty that actually means something
    Customer satisfaction, warranty & support is our #1 priority, not just an obligation.
  • No corners cut
    Nothing but the latest generation, brand new, top shelf components. No refurbs, no generics.
  • Built for quality & reliability
    Meticulously assembled by trained experts and thoroughly burn-in tested before dispatch.
  • Zero bloat-ware, guaranteed
    No pre-installed rubbish cluttering up your system or bogging it down. Just your OS and drivers, as it should be.
  • Amazing value for your money
    Are we the cheapest possible place to get a PC? Maybe not, but will you find better value for money performance, quality, and service? Never.
Wraith - AMD Ryzen Custom Gaming PC [Modified]

Someone in Hove, SA bought a Wraith - AMD Ryzen Custom Gaming PC [Modified]


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