Standard (RTB) Warranty for your Evatech PC

All Evatech PCs come with a baseline per-component RTB (Return to Base) warranty allowing you the freedom to modify / upgrade your PC without losing your right repair or replacement should a component of your system fail.

  • RAM, Pro-Spec SSDs, NVMe SSDs & Power Supply : 5 Years
  • CPU, Motherboard, Graphics Card, SATA SSD : 3 Years
  • All Other Components : 2 Years
In addition to the baseline warranty offered on these systems, premium pick up and return nationwide warranty services are optional during the customization process. These must be ordered with the system up front and cannot be added to your order later. If selected, this can extend all component warranties out to a maximum of 5 years and covers pick up and return courier delivery as well as other perks and bonuses clearly advertised at the time of purchase.

Our systems are built by experts from only the highest quality components and rigorously burn in tested before being dispatched to ensure the lowest possible chances of failure.

Premium / Extended Warranty Options

Evatech's premium warranty services are optional, selectable as you customise your PC and must be purchased together with the PC. They cannot be applied retrospectively.

  • Titanium
    • 5 Years
    • Courier Pick-up
    • Courier Return
    • Priority Handling
    • All Labour + Parts
  • Platinum
    • 4 Years
    • Courier Pick-up
    • Courier Return
    • Priority Handling
    • All Labour + Parts
  • Gold
    • 3 Years
    • Courier Pick-up
    • Courier Return
    • Priority Handling
    • All Labour + Parts
  • Silver
    • 2 Years
    • Courier Pick-up*
    • Courier Return
    • Priority Handling
    • All Labour + Parts
  • Bronze : 1 Years
    • 1 Years
    • Courier Pick-up*
    • Courier Return
    • Priority Handling
    • All Labour + Parts
*Max value $99.00

Warranty for all other products

All products purchased from Evatech, unless clearly stated otherwise, are brand-new officially sourced items covered by the full warranty period as outlined by its manufacturer / vendor. Your warranty period starts from the date of shown on your invoice. Warranty period lengths can typically be found on the manufacturer / brand's website in the listing for the product in question. If you cannot find this information please contact us and we will confirm it for you.

Warranty on many products we sell can be claimed direct from the vendors service center. (Most Monitors, Laptops, Network Adapters etc). If this is the case we strongly recommend you contact them first as dealing directly with them will often be the speediest easiest method to resolve your issue. However if you prefer, Australian consumer law does entitle you to be able to return the product to the point of purchase. In this case we will simply deal with the service center on your behalf acting as a middle man which may delay the processing time.

On rare occasions when we sell refurbished, open-box or other 'non-new' condition products, this will be very clearly advertised and the time of purchase, along with the warranty term if it differs from the original manufacturers stated warranty term.

How to request a warranty return

We are currently working on an easy online warranty request system as part of our new website. In the meantime we will be processing all warranty return requests via email. To request a warranty return simply visit our contact page and provide the following information.


  • Fault Description (as detailed as possible)
  • Your invoice or order number. (You can find this by logging in to your account on our website)
  • A statement to confirm that the product is not physically damaged or otherwise tampered with
  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number (if applicable)
  • Fault Description (as detailed as possible)
  • Your invoice or order number (only required if product does not have a serial number)
  • A statement to confirmation that the product is not physically damaged or otherwise tampered with
We will then get back to you ASAP via email either with troubleshooting assistance, request for further details if need or simply issue an RMA number and provide further instructions on how to proceed.

How long will it take?

While we do our best to minimize all turn around times as much as possible, this will vary depending on various factors beyond our control and dictated by the vendor (Asus, MSI, Corsair, CoolerMaster, Gigabyte, etc). In most cases items returned for warranty need to be them submitted to their official distributor for processing before they can be replaced or repaired. In some cases where the item is discontinued, a replacement may need to be shipped from overseas. This means warranty replacements can take up to 6+ weeks in extreme cases. In most cases however turn around once we receive the faulty item is 1-2 weeks.

What is and is not covered by warranty


  • A product that fails, either partially or completely, at a function it was advertised to do.
  • A product with a manufacturing defect that makes it unsuitable for it's advertised purpose.
  • A product that is dangerous or could case physical harm when used for it's advertised purpose.
  • Any product exhibiting behavior the manufacturer acknowledges as a legitimate reason for warranty return.
  • Products that are simply incompatible with one another unless a guarantee of compatibility was made in writing by an EVATECH staff member
  • Physically damaged products or products that clearly developed their fault as a result of improper use or tampering
  • Products that fail to function in a manner that the buyer mistakenly assumed they would but were never advertised as being able to do
  • Products no longer covered by warranty (expired warranty) unless otherwise stated by Australian consumer law
  • All software issues, and/or configuration issues that were introduced by anyone other than an EVATECH staff member
If you have any questions or require further clarification please read our terms & conditions page or contact us.

Special Circumstances

We understand that special circumstances do occur and we will assist you to the best of our ability in situations where a faulty products are not explicitly covered by warranty. We cannot however guarantee any outcomes and the final decision is ultimately in the hands of the official product distributor, vendor and manufacturer. If you believe the product you have should be covered under warranty but isn't please contact us with the details and we will try out very best to accommodate your request.

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