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Evatech has had the pleasure of building a few thousands custom gaming, home, office/workstation PCs for customers all around Australia since 2013! We take pride in every single system we build (like it was our very own) and provide a level of pre- & post-sale support which is second-to-none.

But don’t just take our word for it! The following is a selection of 100% genuine unedited (apart from fixing the occasional misspelling!) feedback from real customers received via Google Reviews, Facebook*, aggregated review platforms or even at times emailed directly to us.

* Facebook used to accept and display reviews for our Facebook business page, but no longer does so – as such, these don’t appear to be publicly viewable, but we still have some of them that we published here which will be featured below.

We periodically update the list below but if you want to find the latest, head on over to Google.

Over on Google, we’re currently sporting a 4.9 star average rating which we are very proud of, but also eager to claw back the perfect score if we can!

The after a large amount of research the computer I purchased was very competitively priced. From then on it was quickly assembled and shipped arriving in immaculate condition, well packaged and cables sorted.

– Samuel G – NSW (24/04/24)

The team were amazing, very speedy on the build of the pc. Took 4 days for the pc to be built and shipped to me after payment was made.

– Joel B – NSW (12/03/24)

Thank you, Ryan and team, for providing high-performing builds for my multimedia company, along with exceptional and genuine customer service!

– TMC Media – VIC (17/01/24)

Bought a custom PC from them in 2019 and have had no issues Just recently upgraded and they talked me through options etc. Great customer service and great quality would strongly recommend to anyone looking.

– Jacob C – VIC (8/12/23)

I’ve just purchased my third computer from Evatech. They are brilliant. Their webstore is well-designed. Ordering is smooth. The computers have worked flawlessly. I would not hesitate to recommend.

– Tony P – VIC (1/09/23)

I have purchased 4 gaming computers so far and everyone is still running, not a problem after 6 years. I would recommend getting them to make the build to suite your budget than getting a pre-done box.

Jai H – NSW (8/07/23)

Ryan and the team are absolute champions. From the buying experience through delivery, with little free upgrades and surprise bonus cables in the box – these guys are legends

I can’t recommend them enough really. I bought a custom build during covid and so much care and professionalism was taken, then 2 years on I got a few upgrades and they spent so much time helping me get it right. Way beyond any other pc shop I’ve experienced in 20 years. Thanks guys.

– DroneRant – VIC (27/10/22)

Rather than buying an anonymous typical purchase from the multinationals like AlienWare/MSI/JB Hi-Fi, why would you not support a Melbourne company like this instead to buy your tailored gaming PC and gaming parts? What I really like about the guys that service you is that they really know their parts & have a love of gaming PCs but never try to up-sell/recommend more specs than you really need. Their ‘custom pre-configured PC’ range is now very broad for purchase consideration, including smaller-form factor PCs for smaller homes/rooms…

– Chris – NSW (26/02/22)

These guys just GET IT! their friendly team support you through comparing multiple products to find the perfect solution based on your every need. They do not just throw you whatever they have in their warehouse, it truly feels like a completely customised process! My machine has been very reliable, 1 small glitch on the power button and it was fixed in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend Evatech to anyone looking at buying their next PC. Thanks again guys

– M E – VIC (24/01/22)

Customer service has been amazing, I am really excited to get my delivery. Thank you to the team. I’ll recommend this business to others for sure.

– Rob W – ACT (13/07/2021)

Had my PC for 8 months now and it’s been flawless. Really great support from the team through email. They were fast at building and did an awesome job on cable management and overall build quality. Highly recommend them!

– B Scott – NSW (25/01/21)

Absolute legends! Helped me build a computer for audio production. Great customer service, would highly recommend.

– Brendan F – VIC (28/11/2019)

Highly knowledgeable and very helpful staff. Super friendly for anybody with computer needs

– R Shokin – VIC (12/06/19)

The team at Evatech were exceptional. They helped me to build a complete system for work without selling me stuff that I didn’t need and the final price was far cheaper than I was expecting given prices from other websites. Their advice was spot on and the end result exactly what I required. On top of that, their customer service was fantastic with immediate responses and a willingness to help. At the same time I contacted Evatech, I also reached out to some of their competitors who I still haven’t heard back from. I cannot recommend the Evatech team highly enough and will be getting all future systems built by the team.

– C Conway – VIC (28/11/18)

I choose Evatech computers at the last minute after reading some great reviews and looking at the website. The guys were super friendly and helpful and guided me through what I needed and it came in under budget which I was amazed at. The build was quick and I could follow it online, they emailed also along the way. The PC is nothing short of amazing, Evatech did a professional job and I couldn’t be happier.

– P RJ – VIC (07/04/18)

Incredible customer service. I had some problems with the computer and they helped me get it running so I could send in the broken part for warranty rather than the whole tower. They kept me in the loop each step of the way. Best after sale support I’ve ever encountered in a tech company or an online store.

– J Davey – ACT (23/01/18)

Made every step of the process so easy and answered all my questions along the way, quality product with great service!

– P Dory – VIC (11/09/17)

I was shopping around for a new gaming desktop and planning to spend quite a bit to get a decent one. Sent them an email out of curiosity. Ended up buying the computer from them.

The gentleman I spoke to through email was very honest, and outright told me that putting as much RAM as I had was pointless in a straight gaming computer, and that I may as well either save that money or put it elsewhere in the setup. He was super thorough with answering my questions, and explained it in a way that ensured I understood why he recommended the changes he did. I didn’t feel as Evatech was trying to get the most expensive sale out of me, but that they wanted to ensure I was happy with the end product. I’ll be buying my future parts from them and would definitely recommend them to those that are not entirely sure what setup they need.

Top notch service! Went above and beyond, when I asked for triceratops drawing – received three custom wallpapers instead. Seriously, awesome stuff.

– J Ling – NSW (31/05/17)

Amazing. The computer was assembled so neatly, and their team even performed my requested case modifications at no extra charge. The cables are expertly handled, and the case is clear and clutter-less. I am extremely impressed with the quality of service from these guys. I would recommend no other.

– D Regan – NSW (09/04/17)

Blown away by the ease of ordering, helpfulness of staff and value for money.

– Z Phelan – VIC (21/03/17)

I have to say the system works beautifully. We got everything installed and ran some benchmarks, it looks like data sets we thought would take a month or more to process can now be done in a day or two. Very exciting.

– University of Melbourne – VIC (17/03/17)

System delivered today and is awesome. Would love to pass on my thanks to the techs that put it all together. It’s up and running very nicely, so much quieter than my old setup and it just works exactly the way I wanted. Thank you very much for the chat we had prior to placing my order.

– P Rowan – NSW (02/03/17)

Just letting you know my computer arrived safely in Newcastle and it’s working fantastic!  🙂

– D Jarman – NSW (14/02/17)

Thank you very much. For what it’s worth I couldn’t be happier with the computer, you guys did an amazing job.

– P Robinson – ACT (04/01/17)

Very nice guys, helped me all the way through the process, talked me out of spending too much, helped me get the best bang for buck and then built the system, set it up and tested it in just a few days. Fantastic job, great PC and spent about 500 bucks less than what I always paid at Harvey for a way better machine!

– R Tanner – QLD (09/11/16)

I just received my custom built PC from Evatech. I was so impressed with the delivery packaging and the stunning way your team built my computer. No clutter inside the case, cables all neat … Customer service was fantastic and I even received a $75 voucher as a thank you. I can highly recommend Evatech for all your computer requirements.

– T Tjet – NSW (27/10/16)

Just emailing to say a quick thanks to you and the team for perfect computer I just received. Everything works flawlessly and I will be recommending you to my friends, family, and personally shop with you again.

– E Saunders – NSW (20/09/16)

I don’t know how to describe it but i am very happy about my custom gaming PC. The customer service is so nice and they even gave me a free gaming mouse and a mouse pad with it for some small issue. I highly recommend this for anyone who is new to PC just as me and the prices are reasonable, I am definitely revisiting the site again for more stuff later on.

– OfF Targ3t – (15/07/16)

Ordered a brand new custom setup yesterday and the way there site works is wonderful easy to understand and easy to use.

– J Wilson – SA (29/06/16)

Bought one for my wife 2 months ago and its an awesome PC, in fact I was so jealous 1 month later I bought one myself too haha. Thank you Evatech.

– S Leader – VIC (29/06/16)

Couldn’t be happier, ordering was easy, service was fast and helpful, delivery was quick and free and the PC is everything i hoped it would be. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a custom PC.

– D Peters – VIC (24/05/16)

I couldn’t of asked for a better experience purchasing my custom gaming PC from Thomas & Ryan @ Evatech. I would have sent 30+ emails regarding what I wanted in the build. With their expertise I changed the setup so I would get better performance for a cheaper price. They were definitely looking after my best interest, not just trying to sell me something more expensive that I don’t really need.
If you’re going to buy a new PC – Don’t go any further than Evatech

– B Henshaw – NSW (12/05/16)

Hi EVATECH, I have given the computer some time and am very satisfied with it. I am really impressed with this computer and I am really happy that I went with your business, when I received the computer everything was perfect and upon loading I found that every thing was as I needed, this computer has given no trouble and it is all thanks to your team. It looks very neat with that cable management and everything is nice and cool. Just giving you some customer feedback, and I’m letting you know that I’ll be back in the future, as it was worth every cent.

– L Blackmore – VIC (29/01/16)

Evatech team
My computer order arrived today, everything was delivered in good condition and working fine, thanks for a good build and communication

– F Thornhill – NSW (12/01/16)

Hi Evatech, Just wanted to send you guys are big thank you for the custom pc you put together a week or so ago… looks and plays great and your service was ace too… thanks again..”

– C Starr – VIC (19/11/15)

Can’t believe I’ve never heard of you guys! Your website interface is incredible! Made my first purchase and can’t wait! 🙂

– B Mun-Kin – VIC (17/11/15)

I just received my new computer from your website and i have to compliment you guys foe your amazingly useful website design and the price. I was looking at Origin pc I ordered a pc for $200 cheaper than the millenium origin pc, and that had worse specs.
Thank you guys for being amazing and helping me, a gamer who isn’t very smart with computer components build an amazing pc with an even more amazing price.  😉

– J Trisley – NSW (02/10/15)

Just wanted to say a BIG thank-you guys for my new PC! Everything was just hassle free and I received all the updates on the progress up to shipping it off.

So impressed with the way it runs and how smooth it plays my favourite MMO games especially Ark Survival as its so un-optimised at early stage running at 80FPS. I’ll certainly be back when I’m ready to upgrade again!

– C Power – NSW (21/09/15)

Thank you very much evatech! Received the computer today and it is amazing. Love your work. Will definitely use your services again 🙂

– J Croxson – NSW (10/09/15)

I finally got the pc today. it is really awesome. thank you for your kind replying msg.

– B Park – NSW (25/09/15)

Now my favourite computer shop very helpful with all my need great prices also what to thank Thomas with helping me with my pc problem love my new pc they built for me thank-you again 5 stars all round

– D Kalweit – VIC (29/07/15)

Hi guys, I have received my high end system yesterday, expertly packed and wrapped (BIG thank you to the guys on the factory floor for that, one of the safest looking package wrap jobs I have ever seen!).  Thanks for your great service and communication and help along the way to get me the “dream” setup, much appreciated!

– M Poulter – VIC (05/07/15)

Just wanted to say thank you for getting my parcel to me so quickly and in perfect condition. I’ve made a point of telling my friends of your efficient service – top marks.

– M Milazzo – NSW (15/01/15)

I just had the best customer service at Evatech this morning.
They not only spent their time with me, but they have also made sure I am not wasting my money for unnecessary parts.

– A Fritz – VIC (22/12/2014)

Just wanted to say thank-you for a job well done. I’m very happy with the build quality, exceptional customer service and speedy delivery. I’ll definitely be shopping with you guys for upgrades in the future!

– C Corderoy – NSW (16/11/14)

Hey guys, I received my PC in the mail the other day. I just wanted to say a huge thanks! The build was perfect, secured and was delivered early! Thanks A Lot!

– N John – QLD (27/09/14)

Great Service. Willing to work with the customer. Responsive to questions. Responsive to emails. Actually an all round great team. I cannot commend the Support Team highly enough. I have an issue, which they worked with me to sort, and ensured it was resolved. If you are looking to buy a custom PC, I suggest that you do so from Evatech. Thanks guys for doing a great job.

– E Andrews – NSW (11/08/14)

Thank you very much, your services have been beyond helpful. The computer is running amazingly and runs very cool even when playing games. I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for your company and what you have done for me.

– G Bhatia – NSW (23/06/14)

Hey just like to thank you for putting my pc together!
It’s working perfectly. Awesome cable management by the way 🙂

– L Christopher – VIC (28/01/14)

Just a quick note to say thank you! Got it Friday afternoon and had no problems getting the OS and all the drivers going. Coming from a core 2 duo laptop, this computer is like going from a Datsun to a Lamborghini. Thanks again and i will be sure to recommend you guys to everyone in Tassie, as the options and the prices down here are total crap!

– K Edwards – TAS (07/06/13)

Positive vote for Evatech

Put in an order online for 3x Seagate HDD 3.5″ SATA3 3TB Barracuda hard drives this morning.
Received an email not too long after that saying the hard drives were ready for pick up.

– Whirlpool user .SomeTallGuy – VIC (22/04/13)

Hi guys I just thought I’d say your website is slick. Love it! I was especially impressed how I could just click the tracking number on my order to take me to the Fastway Site page for my order! Its the little things. Def be ordering from you again if Intel ever release a chip that’s actually faster than their old ones

G Bruton – NSW (10/03/13)

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