Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Due November 4th on PC and Consoles

Update : Evatech will be taking pre-orders for the PC edition of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with release day delivery for all orders confirmed before November 1st or until sold out prior! Click here to order today!

We are less than a month away from Activision’s next installment of the Call of Duty franchise and with rumors frantically buzzing around the internet. What we do know so far is that the game will receive a world side launch on the 4th of November with Australians being some of the lucky first to get their hands on the game, a whole 14-18 hours ahead of the US.

This year’s installment is being developed by Sledgehammer games, the same team behind Modern Warfare 3. We don’t know a lot so far, but what we do know is this;

  • Kevin Spacey plays a starring role as a character called Jonothan Irons.
  • Futuristic technology including cloaking, wall climbing gloves, ‘scan-tron’ grenades and hover bikes all were shown in the trailer and will probably come in to play.
  • Scorestreaks in multi-player are back from Black Ops 2, with a 5 second glimpse shown off in the latest Gamescom 2014 trailer for the game.
  • The ‘exoskeleton’ suit will change the way players move and interact with the environment with boost jumps, grappling, cloaking, speed and endurance all being effected.
  • The PC version of the game will be $10 cheaper at launch than the Console versions according to local distributors.
  • Steam has the Australian price at $89.99USD for the standard edition and $134.95USD for the ‘Pro Edition that contains the season-pass for any future DLC Activision plan on releasing. EB Games is currently taking pre-orders for at $89.95AUD for the PC version of the game and $99.95 for the consoles.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC

System requirements information hasn’t been fully released but we do know according to the steam page, 6GB of memory is the minimum with 8GB recommended. If the previous games in the series are anything to go by, the game should scale well with older hardware and not require a huge amount of horse power to play at 1080P.

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