Make your next Gaming PC stand out with the new Aerocool DS Range

When it comes to mid tower PC case design, very few vendors deviate from the tried and true, black and white color schemes. Aerocool’s DS200 range has broken the mold releasing an ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN and RED versions in addition to the standard black and white options giving the customers 6 different colors to choose from. The […]

Gigabyte R9 285 OC Unboxing, Hands On & Benchmarking [GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD]

Not being released to retail until next week, Evatech has got its hands on AMDs brand new 28nm Tonga XT GPU this afternoon and is bringing you what might be a world first, hands on with the R9 285! So without further ado, lets get to it. Keep in mind we are not professional reviewers, […]

PC Game Release Dates for September! Zombies, Soccer & RPGs

With very few big titles gracing August with a release date, PC gaming is slated to get start get busy again soon as September draws closer and the 2014 holiday period closes in. A myriad of small indie titles in between fill up the gaps in between but there are 5 big name titles hitting […]

Haswell-E, X99 Intel Chipsets and DDR4 Memory, What We Know So Far.

Expected to launch and some point in September the X99 Haswell-E chipset is the first consumer motherboard series to support DDR4 memory. Here at Evatech we are getting a lot of questions from customers asking if they should bother waiting for this or not so we thought we would take the time to address it […]

Intel’s new ‘Devils Canyon’ Haswell Refresh CPUs & Z97/H97 motherboards have arrived!

Delivering higher performance with lower power consumption, the code named ‘Devil’s Canyon’ range of new Haswell based CPUs has arrived. Now available in all our Intel CPU based custom PCs with a large range of Z97 and H97 chipset motherboards. All in all there are now 10 new CPUs to choose from, here to replace […]

Introducing customisable Mini PCs with NUC and Brix

We’ve worked hard to extend our fantastic custom PC builder to the popular Intel NUCs and Gigabyte Brix. Buying a customisable PC doesn’t get much easier than this, nor does it get much smaller! Simply head on over to our Mini Series category of our website and choose your preference of NUC or Brix.

Gunnar Indoor Protective Eyewear Back in Stock!

Are you the type of person who spends hours in front of a monitor every day? If you’re not wearing a pair already, you might want to take a look at Gunnar Optiks. Programmers, gamers, system administrators, accountants, stock traders, graphic designers. If you spend more than 2 hours a day looking at a monitor, […]

The NZXT H440, now in 4 different colors!

One of NZXT’s prettiest cases to date, the NZXT H440 has just been added in the Orange and Blue, accompanying the already released, white and black/red models. With 6 hard drive bays, space for an ATX or mATX motherboard, four included fans, fantastic cable management, large case window and drop dead gorgeous looks, its quickly become […]