Grand Theft Auto V for PC gets 4K support and a First Person view.

In an interview with IGN, Rob Nelson, the animation director on GTA 5 at Rockstar Games calls the new first person perspective mode in the upcoming ‘Next-Gen’ editions of GTA5 “Intense, in-your-face experience… literally”.

While the first person mode will also be on PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, only PC will get 4K support while PS4 and Xbox One are stuck at 1080P locked at 30fps.



Grand Theft Auto 5 PC FPS

Smog, denser forests, more traffic and pedestrians, new missions, new vehicles and now with a new perspective, the next gen version of GTA5 is almost like a whole new game when compared to the 360 and PS3 editions that where released earlier in the year.


With thousands of new animations for weapons alone as part of the new first person perspective mode, Rockstar are not just moving the game camera in front of the players face. “Upressed” textures along with completely redone recoil, reloading, gun switching, muzzle flash and bullet casing ejection animations all to make the FPS mode feel as polished as any next gen triple A first person shooter.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC lands late January 2015 (just two more months!). If your eager to get your hands on a gaming PC before then to make sure all prepped and ready to play the moment it’s released, head on over to our custom gaming PC builder pages and put one together today.

Hardware requirements have not yet officially been released but we would recommend at i5 – i7 CPU, 8GB of memory or higher and a GTX770, 970 or R9 280X or higher.