Intel’s new ‘Devils Canyon’ Haswell Refresh CPUs & Z97/H97 motherboards have arrived!

Delivering higher performance with lower power consumption, the code named ‘Devil’s Canyon’ range of new Haswell based CPUs has arrived. Now available in all our Intel CPU based custom PCs with a large range of Z97 and H97 chipset motherboards.

All in all there are now 10 new CPUs to choose from, here to replace the old Haswell line up, with improved clock speeds and integrated graphics performance. To see the full range checkout our Intel CPU category – here.

Checkout our new Devil Canyon ready custom PC’s today via the links below at our custom Gaming PC page here.

So whats new? First lets take a look at the new motherboard chipsets. The most obvious addition is support for the new Devil’s Canyon range of CPU’s, but in addition to that, they deliver improvements to memory clock speeds, support for 3 independent displays off the CPU’s integrated graphics. To see the full range of new motherboards click here.