Battlefield Hardline for PC gets a release date.

Today EA announced it’s next installment in the Battlefield franchise will hit stores March 17th in the US and March 19th in Europe (and probably Australia). The game was originally scheduled for release this year but was delayed shortly after it’s limited beta release, likely to implement feedback and improvements (we hope). Hardline is slated […]

Assasins Creed Unity System Requirements, Higher Than You Might Expect.

Yesterday, posted the official PC system requirements for Assassin’s Creed Unity only for the internet to explode in discussion about just how dam high they are. Will Assassins Creed Unity on PC actually make use of the recommended i7 CPU and GTX 780 video card or is just a poor port that suffers out […]

Building a Custom Gaming PC for Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare (System Requirements)

Publisher Activision has finally got around to publishing their minimum system requirements for the next installment in their multi-million dollar Call of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare. While the “Recommended” system requirements are not yet published we can get a good idea of what they might be based on the minimum requirements and the requirements of […]

Evatech PC Game Giveaway! (How to Enter, Prizes & Rules)

Want a chance to win a massive pile of PC games + free Australia wide delivery? It’s easy!   Just follow the three simple steps below and your in the draw!       Step 1 : Visit, customize your very own dream gaming PC (no purchase necessary) and click ‘Save & Continue’. (link) […]

Where to start once receiving your new Gaming PC?

We post a lot about Steam, they really do have some great specials and free games though! Currently they have Tomb Raider (2013) at 80% off, meaning it’s only $3.99 USD – amazing value for an amazingly popular title from only last year with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The other game worth mentioning is PAYDAY The Heist, which […]

Most Played Steam PC Games for October

Apart from our selection of PC games coming to PC this month, it’s also great to play games with others online, or at the very least, games that others are playing so you can discuss it together. What better way to put your gaming PC to use than by experiencing new games that thousands, if not […]

Building a Gaming PC for Dragon Age Inquisition

Famed developer Bioware announced next months long awaited Dragon Age sequels hardware requirements this week, letting gamers know when there in for if they’re planning on jumping on board come the games release on November 18th. Being published by EA Games, the game was originally slated for release in October before being pushed back to […]

Fan Controllers & LED Case Lighting Added to Custom Gaming PCs!

We’ve had a few requests for case lighting LEDs and fan controllers recently so we put our website developers to work over the last couple of days, telling them we want this option for our customers by the weekend. Introducing the NZXT Case Lighting and Fan Controller series. Pretty lights, multiple colors options, touch screens […]

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Due November 4th on PC and Consoles

Update : Evatech will be taking pre-orders for the PC edition of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with release day delivery for all orders confirmed before November 1st or until sold out prior! Click here to order today! We are less than a month away from Activision’s next installment of the Call of Duty franchise […]