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Build Log (Valkyrie Intel / ATI Gaming PC in Soeyi G612B)

CPU: Intel Haswell i7 4771 4-Core 3.5GHz
Motherboard: MSI Intel 1150 Z87-G43
RAM: Corsair 16GB 2x8GB 1866Mhz V-Pro Black C9
Case: Soeyi G612B Black Gaming Tower
Power Supply: Cooler Master Thunder 600W 85+
Primary Storage Device: Mushkin Chronos 240GB SandForce MLC SSD
Second Storage Device: Western Digital 1TB Blue
Graphics Card: Gigabyte R9 270X 2GB OC
Optical Drive: Samsung Internal DVD-RW Drive
Operating System: Windows Pro 8.1 64bit
Total: $1,704
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Soeyi may not have quite the same appeal as other gaming cases, but it passes with flying colours in cooling/airflow capabilities, looks great with the LED fans (standard) and is much easier on the pocket if you’re after a cheaper case! We’re betting that a lot more customers will realise this in future and spend the extra cash on more important aspects, like CPU, graphics card or perhaps an upgrade to an SSD.

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