Build Logs

Custom Workstation – 2x PSU, 4x Liquid Cooled RTX 2080 Ti

It’s been a while since we’ve built a system with 2x PSUs – and we are happy to report it built, tested, and shipped without any issues! So, who needs this? A business approached us and wanted the most amount of GPU power they could get. The CPU was less important, so it’s only Intel’s i9 9820X (10 core 20 thread) CPU. Only 64GB of DDR4 RAM was deemed necessary, but is upgradable to 128GB.

Why 2x PSUs?

Each liquid cooled RTX 2080 Ti can draw 300W+ – multiply that by 4 and you’re already at 1,200W even before the rest of the PC. Intel quotes a 165W for the CPU, but that’s an average taken at base frequencies. Not wanting to throttle our customer’s workload, we recommended a dual PSU setup so the PC can comfortably power everything.