Skylake B150, H170, H110 series Motherboards & New CPUs Coming Soon!

Distributors and vendors are stocking up in preparation for release in “early” September and while we cant share pricing, stock, or any specific model information, here is what we can summarize;

Skylake CPUs

  • Intel i7 6700 (4 Core / 8 Thread) 4.2GHz Boost 8MB Cache 95W TDP
  • Intel i5 6600 (4 Core / 4 Thread) 3.9GHz Boost 6MB Cache 65W TDP
  • Intel i5 6500 (4 Core / 4 Thread) 3.6GHz Boost 6MB Cache 65W TDP
  • Intel i5 6400 (4 Core / 4 Thread) 3.3GHz Boost 6MB Cache 65W TDP

If performance of the recently released 6700K and 6600K CPUs  (particularly in gaming) is anything to go by, once these lower priced non K edition CPUs hit stores they will be the obvious choice for a new system builder as long as pricing stays in line with the previous generation.


Skylake Motherboards

  • Intel Z170 Chipset – Replaced Z97 (Already Launched)
  • Intel H170 Chipset – Replacing H97 Series
  • Intel B150 Chipset – Replacing B85 Series
  • Intel H110 Chipset – Replacing H81 Series

Skylake Motherboard GuideSkylake Motherboard Guide 2

Major additions are of course DDR4 and USB 3.1 support across the majority of models but be careful, there could be a few lower end models floating around without these.

Suspected Street Date : September 3rd – 7th

As soon as we get the ‘ok’ from vendors, these new CPUs and motherboards will be available for purchase on our store at an most importantly in our custom PC builder!