Introducing the GTX780, the Titan Killer

Only a couple of months after the GTX Titan release the GTX780s usher in the first of the 7 series GPUs from NVIDIA. At twice the cost of a GTX680 the Titan offered a 50% boost in performance making it the new luxury top of the line consumer video card for gamers.

GTX 780

Just last week the GTX780 landed in stores and with the exact same PCB, cooler and 7.1 billion transistors GK110 processor it knocked a massive $350 off the price compared to the Titan. It’s only short comings are 2304 CUDA cores (down from 2688) and 192 texture units (down from 224). This coupled with the lower GDDR5 allocation results in about 90% of the performance of a titan in real world applications for only 65% of the price.

GTX 780 without cooler

With no real deep cutbacks on any part of the card that impacts gameplay, for gamers, it is really hard to recommend the Titan over the GTX780 if they have the extra money to burn. Especially with the hardware specs of the next generation XBOX and Playstation out in the wild we know nothing is going to really test the full potential of these cards for a long time to come.

As the video above shows, even at a resolution well above that of a standard monitor or HDTV there is only a 2 to 4 frame per second difference in the two cards with both achieving 40+ FPS.

The cards have also been run through their paces in 3DMark and the differences again echo that of the in game test with the GTX780 boasting around 90% of its much more expensive Titan brother while still significantly outperforming the GTX680.

GTX 680 GTX 780 GTX Titan
3DMark Fire Strike Graphics Score 3219 4321 4715
3DMark11 Graphics Score 3092 4259 4611

In conclusion, if high resolution gaming is what your after and you have enough money to spend on a Titan, it’s probably worth going to the GTX780 and pocketing the cash. The price performance ratio just isn’t there to justify the extra expense on the Titan when the GTX780 performs so well.

Side by side of Titan / GTX780 with missing GDDR5 RAM


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