The Notebook Cooler Showdown, Cooler Master / Deep Cool / Thermaltake

With so many notebook coolers on the market we thought it would be best to put a few of to the test and see if we can get any noticeable difference in cooling performance out them.

The Coolermaster NotePal U3 (3 Fans), Deep Cool N400 (2 Fans) and Thermaltake Massive23 GT (Single Fan), ranging from $12 to $41, where tested on the same laptop in the same room at the same ambient temperature and the results are in.

At a room temperature of 18 we began a looped benchmark of Furmark and our 2012 Acer Aspire V5 leveled out at 38 degrees. Once we had a level reading we placed in on each of the coolers for 5 minutes each and recorded the following results.

Deep Cool N40 34c -4 $3
Coolermaster NotePal U3 32c -6 $5.33
Thermaltake Massive23 GT 29c -9 $4.55

Thermaltake Massive23 GTCooler Master NotePal U3Deep Cool N400







From the results we can that the Deep Cool N400, while being the cheapest and having the smallest drop in temperature still had the best value for money due to its extremely low price of $12. In addition, the most expensive of the pack, the Thermaltake Massive23 GT actually performed well enough to earn it second place in the value for money chart. That leaves the NotePal U3 with a respectable 6 degree drop in temperature but at the highest cost per degree of the 3.

However this does not mean the Coolermaster is the worst of the bunch; it is built much sturdier than the Deepcool and much sleeker and understated in its design in comparison to the Massive23 GT.

So if you’re on a tight budget go with the Deep Cool, it gets the job done and will save you a lot of money. If you have the budget and need every last degree in cooling performance you muster go with the Thermaltake Massive23 GT. And finally if you’re looking for something a little sturdier than the Deep Cool but not as brash and colorful as the Thermaltake, the NotePal U3 is probably the best option for you.

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