Building a gaming PC for a particular game?

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Build a Gaming PC for Hell Let Loose
Build a Gaming PC for Hitman 3 (2021)
Build a Gaming PC for Cyberpunk 2077
Build a Gaming PC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Build a Gaming PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Build a Gaming PC for Project CARS 3
Build a Gaming PC for F1 2020
Build a Gaming PC for Call of Duty : Warzone
Build a Gaming PC for Doom Eternal
Build a Gaming PC for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Build a Gaming PC for Escape From Tarkov
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Choosing the right base PC to get started

What best describes what you are looking for?

The best performance per dollar
Size doesn't really matter too much
I prefer something smaller & portable
An all rounder, ready to game & more
Video Editing & Production
Game Streaming
Professional 3D Rendering
Top of the line, price is not an issue
I'm just gaming, nothing else
I want to be ready for anything
All of the above PCs were built right here in Australia from top-shelf components by our team of hardware professionals. We build tens of thousands of custom computers just like these ones each and every year for gamers, schools and businesses all around our great country. Customise your very own GAMING, HOME & OFFICE or WORKSTATION PC today or checkout thousands of more photos by visiting our build log blog.

Why choose an Evatech custom Gaming PC?

unparalleled choice
great value for money
latest-gen hardware
honest advice
first class service
ease of use
unbeatable expertise
trusted by thousands
top shelf components
quality guarantee
Australian built
extensive testing
secure checkout
nation-wide delivery
true customer-first warranty

Since 2013 Evatech's team of true hardware enthusiasts has been building Australian's custom computers from top quality hardware and treating each and every one just as they would their own. Proudly the first in Australia to offer truly 100% custom computers built right here and delivered to your door, we've grown rapidly on the back of our rock-solid reputation for quality and first-class service.

We're not just some high-volume PC parts store that also offers some quickly slapped together PCs on the side! We're professional custom PC builders first and foremost, meticulously building our systems to our client's requirements and extensively burn in testing each and every one before dispatch. Cutting zero corners we use nothing but brand-new latest generation officially sourced components from the world's most trusted brands and build each and every system to order right here in Australia by a team of industry experts.

Pioneering the 'as you configure' instant gaming performance indicators and auto-compatibility checking, we've led the way in custom PCs, not only in Australia but world-wide and have no intention of stopping... not now, not ever.

Quality Components
First Class Service
Secure Payment
Burn In Testing
Game Database
Quality Guarantee

When you buy an EVATECH PC you know you are getting a system that has been built by experts from brand new, latest generation components sourced officially from the worlds leading PC hardware brands.

Dedicated Service

Our staff are trained PC hardware experts who live and breathe the tech they proudly sell. No jargon, up-sells, tricks or shady behind the scenes sales incentives, just honest genuine advice every time.

Secure Checkout

Multiple SSL encrypted, secure payment options are available at checkout and we never at any stage store any personal financial information. Now including LayBy and zip 6 months interest free!

1st Class Warranty

Get covered up to 5 years priority warranty with pick-up and return paid nation wide on all custom PCs. Plus our service team is always happy to assist troubleshooting via email, phone or in store.

Burn In Tested, Ready to Plug-n-Play

Every single custom build Evatech PC goes through an extensive line of burn in tests to ensure your new system is rock solid from the moment it arrives. Just unbox, plug in and play.

Game Database

Want to know how your new custom gaming PC will handle the latest games before you order? Simply save any custom PC configuration and we'll let you know how well it will perform in a huge range of the latest games before you buy!

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