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Our PC Game database lets YOU customise your Gaming PC build tailored to the latest releases as you shop!
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Custom Gaming PCs
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Valkyrie - Coffee Lake Custom Gaming PC

Intel's 9th generation is here! More cores, higher clocks, and a great option for high end gamers that need the very latest and greatest for their next rig! Versatile full size Gaming PCs. VR Ready with an i5 CPU & RTX2060 or higher GPU.

Ryu - Mini Coffee Lake Custom Gaming PC

When size matters, this small form factor PC is more portable and fits easier in smaller spaces. Squeezing the latest-gen hardware in to a smaller footprint, perfect for LAN parties or smaller apartments. VR Ready with an i5 CPU & RTX2060 or higher.

Wraith - AMD Ryzen 2 Custom Gaming PC

With up to 8 cores, 16 threads and unlocked clocks, AMD's latest generation of CPUs is aimed directly at multi-threaded workloads & games that can take advantage of additional cores. VR Ready with an R7 CPU & RTX2060 or higher.

Ragnarok - Intel X299 Custom Gaming PC

Intel's X299 platform is on the bleeding edge of computing power. Want your gaming PC to double as a high end expandable workstation? Look no further, you've found it. VR Ready with any CPU and a RTX2060 or higher GPU.

Australia Wide Custom PC Delivery

Why choose an Evatech custom gaming computer?

Evatech was founded by true PC enthusiasts with a strong passion and knowledge of hardware, software, and of course: gaming. Stunned by the big box retailers (JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys etc.) selling such a limited range of overpriced 'gaming' computers, poorly balanced and full of low cost generic hardware, we decided something must be done.

With overcoming the failures our competitors being the core tenants of our dream, Evatech was founded in 2012 to offer premium quality, great value, accessible yet powerful truly custom computers being sold by experts who put customer service first. Our employees do not get sales commissions or targets, so you can be sure the advice you get is the best for you.

Years later and with Evatech custom PCs proudly powering thousands of gamers, designers, programmers, workplaces, schools, and enthusiasts nationwide (still growing and expanding) we believe we've created something truly special.

With so many options, how do I choose the right configuration?

One of the pitfalls of total customisation is that it can be a little daunting for those who may be a little less tech savvy than others and just want a great gaming PC. But don't worry, we've worked tirelessly to make sure the process is simple and with a few easy pointers, anyone can configure a great gaming PC to any budget.

As computers and gadgets become more universal almost anyone can jump right in, start clicking through the options and with common sense come out with a fairy solid configuration that would still be better than the-off-the-shelf options at a large retailer.

We also have a system built in that allows you to go through our game database, select one of the games you're interested in playing and our website will highlight the minimum, recommended, and ultra-settings hardware requirements as you configure the system!

If you would like some professional one-on-one, tailored advice, we are always more than happy to assist. Give us a phone call during business hours, shoot us an email via the contact page, or join our ever growing Facebook community and send us a message! We will get back to you ASAP and are always happy to answer any and all questions and provide honest recommendations. No pushy sales pitch, we promise.

If it's after hours or you prefer to read up on the basics in your own time, we've put together the following basic run down of the key points to consider below;
  1. Choosing a base configuration to get started is simple
    1. The Valkyrie is your standard mid tower gaming PC, the best value for money and a great all-rounder.
    2. The Ryu is a small form factor gaming PC, designed to offer great gaming power in a small physical footprint. Great for LAN gamers or anyone who needs a more portable system or simply has a smaller space to keep it. As a result, the Ryu lacks a few of the larger options due to size constraints.
    3. The Ragnarok is the enthusiast system offering the raw horsepower with the highest end CPUs and motherboards. Built upon the X299 chipset platform from Intel these are for those who are less concerned about getting the best performance on a budget, and more for those who just want the absolute best, full stop.
    4. Our Wraith offers AMD's motherboards and CPUs for those who are interested in more CPU cores than Intel offers at similar price points. Typically not as strong as gaming for the price, but can be useful for other tasks.
  2. Video Cards (GPU) Video Card (also known as Graphics Card or GPU) is the single most important component to a gaming PC. As long as the other components don't bottleneck it, it does all the heavy lifting when it comes to gaming performance. We recommend the following basic guide to avoid potential bottlenecks.
    1. Any i9 with RTX 2080 Ti ideally.
    2. Top end i7 with RTX 2080 or higher.
    3. Top end i5 or i7 with RTX 2070 or higher.
    4. Mid-range i5 with a RTX 2060 or equivalent.
    5. Low end i5 with GTX 1060 or equivalent.
    6. Any i3 with a GTX 1050 or higher.
    SLI (system link interface) is the term used for running multiple (typically 2) video cards simultaneously for greater performance. An expensive proposition as it will require a beefier power supply and a high end motherboard and CPU to compensate, so on a purely value basis we don't recommend the use of dual low-end cards where there is a high-end single card option available.
  3. CPU The CPU, when it comes to gaming is probably the second most important component in terms of performance. That being said, the way modern game engines are optimised, in the vast majority of games as long as the CPU isn't bottlenecking your video card, that's all you need to worry about. [refer to Video Card dot point above for more details]

    Intel K or X series CPUs can be overclocked with Z or X series motherboards provided you have a decent cooler paired with it, but if you are not sure how, we recommend not attempting it as it can destabilise your system and in the worst case scenarios, can damage components or shorten life spans. On the other hand, if you do know what you're doing, please be careful but by all means; go for it, just be sure you always have a way to revert to default settings should you run into issues.

  4. CPU Coolers CPU Coolers come in liquid and air variants, generally speaking the larger the cooler, the cooler your system will run, the fans won't have to spin up to fast and in turn the system should run quieter. If you live in a particularly warm area, large coolers can prevent thermal throttling of the CPU which could adversely affect performance. If you plan on overclocking or prefer leaving the option open in the future, the larger liquid coolers would be something to consider. However if you're just looking something to get the job done, be reliable and offer the best value for money, the entry level air coolers are a very solid choice. The standard Intel cooler is also fine if your budget does not allow for an aftermarket option.

  5. Motherboads Motherboards can be one of the more complicated components of a system, but unless you have some really particular requirements, they don't directly impact performance and they can be boiled down to a much simpler set of choices.
    1. H310 series boards are the bare essentials, cost effective but offer no overclocking, not many additional USB, SATA, and PCI ports for extra hard drives or expansion cards. They include some good quality integrated surround sound and gigabit networking solutions but nothing spectacular.
    2. B360 and H370 series boards afford you some additional ports and PCI lanes and generally come with higher end audio and networking solutions. A great middle ground for price and performance, but still do not allow for memory or CPU overclocking.
    3. Z370/Z390 series are generally considered the premium with high end networking and audio solutions as well as allowing for CPU and memory overclocking in addition to the ability to run dual video cards in a single PC.
    4. X299 series are the enthusiast chipset motherboards only available in the Ragnarok system with all the bells and whistles. Premium overclocking capabilities, networking and audio as standard with plenty of ports and lanes for any situation.
    5. X470 from AMD brings a focus on high CPU core count, which is typically great for workloads that can take advantage of the additional cores, and not quite as strong with things that don't take advantage of the increased core count, such as gaming.
    If you see the abbreviations ITX, mATX, ATX, or E-ATX this indicates the size of the board, which may influence your case selection (but don't worry too much, we have built in error detection for this, if you don't see a warning, your selections are compatible).
  6. PSUs / Power Supply Power supply (or PSU) is one aspect we see a lot of customers overspend on. Our system will give you a clear read out of how much wattage your configuration requires and while it never hurts to leave a little room for future upgrades or make sure your PSU is never under its maximum load, going too far over the requirement is just spending money you don't need to. If your entire system only draws 400w under load, opting for the 1000w power supply is just overkill and that money would be way better spent on upgrading components that actually contribute to performance like the video card, RAM, or CPU.
    The different between the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium ratings are the efficiency at which the unit converts the AC power from the wall to DC power for your PC (80%-94%). The higher the rating, the more efficient this process is and less power your PC will draw from the wall. All our power supplies are sourced from the highest quality manufactures and we strictly sell nothing below an 80+ rating and you can rest assured all options are solid, well-built and high quality.

  7. Memory / RAM RAM (Memory) is another component that does contribute to performance but only to the degree the game or software your running can actually utilize it. Having 32GB of RAM doesn't mean your system will perform faster than if it had 16GB if it's only ever utilising less than that amount. As a general rule for gaming, 16GB is optimal most while 8GB is still a respectable entry level amount and 32GB is in most cases overkill. That being said, if you really want to 'future-proof' your PC or have a particular use case that calls for it like running servers, the option for up to 128GB is always available, with a supporting motherboard.

  8. SSD & Hard Drives Storage Devices (SSDs and Hard Drives), are fairly simple to explain. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are very fast; many times faster than a regular hard drive, but they also cost a lot more per GB. Regular hard drives are slower but offer much larger capacities at a better price per GB ratio. It is fairly common practice and our general recommendation for a system to have an SSD for the primary drive on to which the operating system and most frequently used applications are installed, with a regular hard drive as a secondary back up and general storage device.

  9. Case & Fans Cases, Fans, & Lighting are for the most part aesthetic choices. Some cases allow for marginally better airflow than others, have different physical dimensions or buttons and ports in different locations but as long as it fits the components you've selected, it really comes down to which option suits you best. Additional fans are generally not necessary as other components come with fans already. These are most often selected for aesthetic over practical purposes also.

  10. WiFi Network Adapters, Optical Drives, and dedicated Sound Cards, are all optional in each of our systems.
    Every motherboard we sell comes with built in Gigabit Ethernet (cabled networking) which for speed and latency reasons is always the best option if possible. If not possible, you will need to select a WiFi adapter from our range.

    Optical (DVD / Blu-ray) drives come in internal or USB external variants should your case not provide a bay for them but with almost all media, software and games being cheaper and more easily accessible online than through physical stores, you may not require one at all.

    Most high end motherboards some with very respectable integrated surround sound solutions built in which sound fantastic, but if you are real audiophile with a very high-end speaker system or headset: dedicated premium sound cards are an option.

  11. Operating System, Anti-Virus, Office Software
    If you select to purchase a Windows operating system from us with your new PC, our team will set it up and install all the required hardware drivers, so it's ready to go right out of the box at no extra charge. We provide the full Australian retail license version of the product with the installation media and keycard, (no cheaper OEM or volume key with restricted rights like some retailers) which means you can always re-use it in the future or re-install it on your machine.

    Anti-Virus and Office Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) if selected is provided along with the system but unfortunately as it has an end user license agreement acceptance stage during the installation process, is something you'll have to install yourself. Don't worry, this is a very straight forward process with simple easy to follow instructions always provided. Whether or not you need an additional Anti-Virus application running along-side Window's built in Defender platform depends on how paranoid you may be but if you're careful and keep Windows updated, you don't necessarily need a dedicated Anti-Virus running in the background at all times.

  12. Warranty is something we take very seriously here at Evatech as it goes hand in hand with our customer satisfaction focus. We do our best to minimise any potential issues that may arise but it's well known fact that no matter how small, there will be a few issues here and there when it comes to the latest cutting edge computer technology. We also know that providing options is important and different customers have different needs and budgets. Our premium warranties range from 1 to 5 years and are provided in addition to the regular return to base warranty provided the component manufactures. They provide perks like free return shipping both ways and gifts like a STAN subscription while you wait for us to fix your system and free games when it's returned. These different options vary in price but this money goes towards providing the infrastructure, covering the costs of replacement components should the manufactures warranty have expired and allowing us to provide the highest quality of service when processing these warranties.
    If you are on a tighter budget or local to our Oakleigh South store and don't particularly need free express courier return shipping both ways, the standard warranty covers every component in your system for the full manufactures' defined term (minimum of 24 months, up to 5 years) with free labour provided to all valid warranty claims.

So what are you waiting for?

Have another question? Get in touch with us!

Alternatively, if you want to start customising your PC right now, simply scroll up and select a base configuration to get started!

Want to see some of our previous builds? Visit the custom build log on our news blog.

Check out our always up to date game database for the latest system requirements and to build your next custom PC around your favourite game.

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