Nvidia LHR Warning

An important note regarding LHR (Lite Hash Rate) variants of Nvidia RTX series graphics cards

First and foremost, if you are buying a GPU for gaming or other non-crypto mining activities, you can disregard this entire topic.
There is no difference in performance or functionality between LHR and non-LHR variants for any of your possible intended use cases.

We are receiving an extremely large number of questions relating to crypto-mining and there seems to be a lot of confusion in the community surrounding LHR and hash rates in general. As such we are updating these listings to simply provide this following statement on the subject. We strongly discourage the use of these products for crypto-mining and similar activities but also understand that we cannot, nor should we dictate what customers can do with their own products. However, that being said, we will not promote the use of these cards for such activities and we will not assist in answering any questions relating to such activities. Should crypto-mining be your desired use case, it is solely on yourself to undertake the due diligence required to learn whether or not this product is suitable for you PRIOR TO PURCHASE.

Key points we would like to highlight include...

  1. Where the manufacturer lists LHR in the product name, we will also do so accordingly on our website.
  2. RTX3060, RTX3070TI and RTX3080TI do not come in LHR variants, because there was never a unlimited version of them. This does not mean there is no hash rate limiter, this just means there is no need to distinguish between LHR and non-LHR models.
  3. Some RTX3060's had their limiters bypassed by a particular version of Nvidia drivers. However, Nvidia has updated their hash rate limiter and subsequently this bypass no longer works.
  4. Hash rates are not advertised. Lower than 'expected' hash rates are not an accepted reason for return or covered under warranty. The features, functions and specifications guaranteed are those that are advertised on the product page on our website, and the official manufacturers product page ONLY.
  5. To the best of our knowledge there is no LHR variant of the RTX 3090. In the unlikely event there is one at some point in the future it will be advertised clearly as such.

If you still are unsure after reading the above, please assume every GPU we sell is LHR and refrain from contacting us for clarification as all LHR, mining and crypto mining relating inquires will simply be referred back to this page.

Evatech exists to serve gamers, content producers, PC hardware enthusiasts and our many higher education, business and government clients. Crypto-mining is not nor has ever been a market we wish to facilitate or serve in any way. We take no morale stance on the subject of crypto-currency but when given limited resources and inventory we choose to prioritise our original faithful customer base over the fleeting, opportunistic and highly speculative market that has been a key driving factor behind the shortages and inflated market pricing of late.

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