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Heavy Duty Packaging & Internal Foam

To be purchased with a new custom PC only. Not sold individually. Bulk orders from re-sellers can be directed to sales@evatech.com.au

Internal mold-able expanding foam bag to designed to fit the internal empty space within your case to protect the components from any shock damage during shipping.

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Reference: PACK-INSTA-60
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Product Description
Purchase along with a custom PC to have this internal expandable mold-able foam protect your investment from within.

Highly recommended for all systems with dedicated video cards or large CPU coolers. Molded foam holds in place and supports these components, avoiding potential damage to them or the motherboard should the system experience any bumps or drops in transit.

The mold-able foam expands in a liquid form to fill in the spaces between components before setting in a matter of seconds in to a hard thick supporting foam material. 

Shipping systems with large dedicated video cards or coolers to distance or rural areas without the use of this internal packing foam material is ill advised. Evatech highly recommends the use of this foam with all systems containing either a dedicated video card or large cpu cooler, or both.

NOTE : Foam must be REMOVED BEFORE operation! Failure to remove the foam prior to starting the PC WILL LIKELY RESULT IN PHYSICAL DAMAGE. This involves opening the case and gently lifting out the molded foam bag. Any physical damage incurred by attempting to start this PC with the foam still within voids all warranty without exception. Systems containing foam will come marked with numerous warning labels and instructions on removing the foam.

If you would like to add this to a custom PC you have already ordered that has not yet been assembled. Please add it to your card, checkout, select 'In Store Pick Up' to avoid additional shipping charges and place your request in the 'Leave a message' text field.