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No Sleeved Extension Kit Australia View full size

No Sleeved Extension Kit

Extension cable kits are not necessary nor do they effect performance in any way. They are only used for aesthetic purposes and can be left out of system build entirely without consequence.

By selecting this option you are electing to not order a sleeved cable extension kit.

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Reference: CAB-EVA-NONE

This product may be available as part of one of our system packages or no longer available.
Product Description

Sleeved extension kits look great but are completely optional. If you are not overly worried about the aesthetics of the visible power cable wiring in the system or choosing a case that doesn't expose these cables then it's probably a wise idea not to spend the extra cash and just stick with the regular power supply cables. Rest assured our technicians cable management on each build ensures visible wiring is kept to a minimum and kept tidy.