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240mm Liquid Cooler Australia View full size

240mm Liquid Cooler

A high quality CPU cooler keeps your system cool and avoids thermal throttling that may affect performance. Your cooler requirements depend on the CPU you have selected, the airflow of the case and the ambient room temperature of the room you will be using the PC in. 

Evatech uses only top tier premium brands including : Cooler Master, Corsair, DeepCool, ID-Cooling, Noctua, Thermaltake

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Reference: COO-EVA-CPU240MLQD

This product may be available as part of one of our system packages or no longer available.
Product Description

Cooler Selection Process - Zero Compramises

When selecting the cooler for your build, Evatech technicians take in to account reliability, build quality, features, aesthetics and placement for optimal results in both performance and presentation. We make our selection from only the tried, true and tested top tier brands, not the lowest bidder. You can rest assured that you will get a premium quality cooler, well suited to your build installed and tested by professionals who treat every system build as if it was their own. 

Liquid Cooling Advantage

Liquid coolers pump the head away from the source rapidly to be cooled in a radiator mounted upon the chassis with a cooling fan. This exhausts the hot air straight out of the case, minimizing the recirculation of hot air within the case that may occur with traditional air coolers. While pumps do over time occasionally fail, we select units from only the most reliable vendors with long warranties and provide priority warranty service on the off-chance anything ever goes wrong. Our liquid cooling solutions are fully enclosed and extensively tested before dispatch, they require no ongoing maintenance and you don't have to worry about leaks, or topping up. Liquid coolers are great for compact builds or chassis that may otherwise trap hot air within the case, they are also great for high end enthusiast builds or overclocking.


Radiator Size : 240mm
Fan : 2
Fan Size : 120mm
Socket Support : Intel 115X and X99 2011-3
Warranty : 2 Years Minimum
Construction : MicroFin Copper Cold Plate, Alumium Radiator, High Strength Flexible Rubber Tubing.