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Titanium 5 Year On Site Pickup & Return Premium Warranty Service Australia View full size

Titanium 5 Year On Site Pickup & Return Premium Warranty Service

In our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, all premium warranty services and now provided by trained processional Australian based Evatech staff members only.

No more third-party companies or agents unfamiliar with the system, its components and customer service / product quality standards.

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Reference: WAR-EVA-5Y

This product may be available as part of one of our system packages or no longer available.
Product Description

Warranty Table

Evatech premium custom PC warranty entitles the policy holder to:

  • Handling of claims by trained, professional, Australian based Evatech staff members
  • The highest possible handling priority to minimize turnaround times
  • Should component replacement be required we guarantee the same or higher specification
  • All labour, services and claim processing provided free of charge on any valid warranty claim
  • Return shipping both ways provided free of charge or reimbursed in full#
  • "While you Wait" ## & "Upon Return" ### additional compensation provided with valid claims

# Applicable to gold or higher level warranty policies, bronze / silver levels subject to $99 maximum

## Applicable to silver or higher level warranty policies

### Applicable to gold or higher level warranty policies

Terms and conditions:

  1. This warranty covers all the costs of replacing or repairing faulty custom PC hardware components during the stated warranty period.
  2. All replacement parts, labour & freight are provided for the period of the warranty at no cost to gold level or higher warranty holder. Bronze and silver level warranty holders will receive freight cover or reimbursement for up to $99 incl. GST AUD (receipts necessary if you organise your own shipping) while standard RTB warranty holders are responsible for return shipping costs.
  3. This warranty is for the repair or replacement of faulty products or components with the same or better specification.
  4. All protective packaging originally supplied upon delivery of the product must be kept in case return shipping is required. Failure to repack the goods sufficiently for their return to our service center that results in physical damage will void all warranty, will not be covered by the courier's insurance and shipping costs will not be covered.
  5. Evatech support staff members will attempt to guide the warranty holder through various troubleshooting techniques to confirm whether or not the issue being experienced is a hardware fault covered by warranty or not, before arranging for the return shipping. Failure to reasonably co-operate in this process, if Evatech support staff have reasonable doubt as to the valid nature of the claim, may result in the warranty being terminated and a refund being processed subject to condition (40) listed below.
  6. When logging a warranty claim, you may be required to provide a copy of the sales invoice or receipt for the product.
  7. Physical damage to the product or components caused by any misuse or use outside of what can be considered expected use, including wear and tear, or consumables, corrosion, and component failure caused by factors such as dust, liquid, salt, poor ventilation, inadequate cooling, and condensation are not covered.
  8. This warranty does not cover bent, damaged, or broken, plugs or pins caused by careless fitting or use, or over-use, or external devices or cards.
  9. This warranty does not cover any media or consumables, peripherals or accessories purchased as separate line items to the custom PC product this guarantee is applied to.
  10. Faults caused by loose cards & cables caused by usage, the environment, or equipment movement, are not faulty components or warranty faults.
  11. This warranty covers all components at the time of original sale to you, but does not cover additional components fitted after the original purchase, except replacement parts supplied under warranty.
  12. Evatech's warranty only covers custom PC components. Any removable devices or peripherals such as external optical drive/keyboard/headset/etc. will only be covered for the period of the manufacturer's warranty and processed as standard RTB warranties.
  13. Where possible, Evatech replaces faulty parts or products immediately, but in some cases, replacement parts may not be immediately available, or Evatech may, at its discretion, sometimes return the faulty part to the manufacturer for testing prior to replacing.
  14. This warranty does not cover components damaged by power spikes & surges (although your household insurance may). Use a good quality surge protector or a UPS to help avoid such damage and problems. NOTE: Power boards & household safety switches are not surge protectors, and, surge protectors & UPS will not always prevent surge & spike damage.
  15. This warranty does not cover faults, or damage caused to, or by, components not installed or used according to manufacturer's specification or instructions. Specifically, this warranty does not cover faults or damage caused to, or by, components that are over-clocked beyond their factory default settings unless specifically done so by Evatech staff members.
  16. As a courtesy, if a storage device is replaced, this warranty includes reloading the operating system if the licensed software is available, and where possible and practical at the time of service, but does not include installation of any other software, or configuration or installing or reloading of internet or network connectivity, and/or data.
  17. This warranty covers replacing faulty components & products, but does not include rebuilding RAID arrays, or reinstalling RAID software or configuration.
  18. Existing components damaged by the fitting of extra components, or by the movement or adjustment or replacement of existing components, will not be covered, except where part of authorised Evatech warranty service.
  19. This warranty does not cover faults caused by user negligence, or improper maintenance, or by environmental factors.
  20. This warranty does not cover any problems caused by specific software or software conflicts, or settings or configuration, including operating software.
  21. This warranty does not cover problems or faults with, or caused by, BIOS, CMOS, or driver settings, or incorrect port or switch settings, all of which are classified as software or configuration issues.
  22. Where Evatech is unable to have, or is prevented from having reasonable access to the faulty product; or is prevented from, or is unable to for whatever reason, carry out the warranty service, or ship the faulty product or part, in what Evatech deems to be a reasonable & cost-effective manner, Evatech may void the warranty, and refund the monies received in lieu of service.
  23. Where Evatech is unable to, or prevented from returning faulty parts for replacement, Evatech may, at its discretion, void the warranty, and refund the monies received in lieu of service.
  24. During service, loss of data can occur in unpreventable & unforeseen ways and the process of identifying & rectifying a fault can itself lead to loss of data and settings. Evatech takes all due care however this warranty does not cover loss of data, software or settings, before, during, or after, any warranty service. The warranty holder is responsible for all backing-up and the security of data and software prior to service.
  25. When Evatech replaces any faulty parts with replacement parts, all faulty parts become the property of Evatech once again.
  26. This warranty excludes faults caused by manufacturer's systemic design, assembly, or manufacture, faults. These faults are covered by the manufacturer. If a systemic fault becomes apparent, Evatech may elect to refund the monies paid for any affected warranties. Systemic faults are defined as faults that affect many or most of a particular model component, much higher than other models or brands of that component.
  27. If no faults or faulty hardware components are found, therefore there is no warranty fault, you will be charged a service fee and be liable for shipping costs (if applicable).
  28. Where the cause of a fault is such that the manufacturer has voided, or would void, their warranty, the warranty is likewise deemed voided, and the warranty holder will be charged for any service.
  29. Service is only available if Evatech has received payment for the warranty.
  30. This Evatech warranty is not transferrable from one party to another unless you are able to make special arrangements that are approved of by Evatech staff prior to the system changing ownership under special circumstances.
  31. Evatech reserves the right to void any warranty, and refund the monies paid in lieu of service, for any reason it feels reasonable including but not limited to excessive special circumstances, unreasonable customer demands or uncooperativeness, verbal or physical threats to Evatech staff or property etc.
  32. Evatech's liability shall only extend to the cost of service under the terms of this warranty, not any direct or consequential damages or hardship, including, but not limited to, economic loss or loss of business.
  33. After the selected Evatech warranty period is over, warranty will revert to the standard per-component return-to-base manufacturer warranty period.
  34. Stan digital gift card to be delivered via email (customer to nominate their email address) and is only done once faulty component/system is received by Evatech and a warranty fault has been confirmed. Gift card is only redeemable once per warranty period.
  35. Free digital game code(s) to be delivered via email (customer to nominate their email address) and is only delivered once the replacement faulty component/system is dispatched by Evatech provided a warranty fault was confirmed. Free game(s) are only redeemable once per warranty period. Games selectable from a list as provided by Evatech and subject to availability.
  36. Free game offer only valid for customers who purchased a custom gaming PC. Excludes home PCs, workstations and all other non-gaming systems.
  37. Upon Return and While You Wait compensation for each given tier is only provided in the event of a valid warranty claim and cannot be provided in the event no valid warranty claim is confirmed.
  38. Knowingly tampering with hardware or knowingly omitting evidence from your claim renders the warranty null and void. Replacement and compensation will not be given, and matters will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  39. Free courier pickup up and return of goods to the value of the specified with each warranty service tier excludes non-metro Western Australia and the Northern Territory outside of metro Perth and Darwin. Metro boarders as defined by Evatech's choice of courier service partner.
  40. These terms are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia. You submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Victoria in respect of all matters arising out of or relating to these terms, their performance and subject matter.
  41. In the event a warranty service is cancelled and refunded at Evatech's discretion, if the refund was triggered by an issue arising from the customer's inability to comply with the terms and conditions of this warranty service, the refund may be proportional to the amount of time left owning on the warranty period. (eg, if 6 months remain on a 2 year warranty at the time the issue arises and the cause for refund is triggered, the amount refundable will be 25% of the original amount paid for the warranty service at time of purchase).
  42. Failure to read the terms and conditions as stated prior to purchase or failure to parse and understand them is not justifiable clause to claim exemptions from any or all of the terms and conditions as clearly stated above. If you feel any of the terms and conditions listed on this page are unclear, seek clarrification from Evatech staff members in writing prior to purchase.