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Evatech Electronics Recycling Program

Published 29th Apr 2024, updated 7th Jun 2024 - 4 minute read

Our focus has and always will be with the latest and greatest hardware, but we also understand that many customers may be upgrading from an older PC… and we want to ensure that they're being responsibly disposed of if our customers don't want to keep or sell it themselves. By dropping your old hardware to us, through our partners we can turn it into something new which benefits everyone, including the planet.

How it works

Since we're not charging for this service and we have a relatively small premises which is already optimised for our regular work, we can only accept items from our local customers who are able to drop off the items to be recycled, and also only within a 2-week window of when they purchase a similar item from us.

  • Example one: If a customer buys a PC from us, within 2-weeks of getting the PC from us (they can take their time to ensure they've transferred all the data to the new PC, and then wipe the drives for privacy/security purposes), they can bring the PC to our premises to have it broken down and recycled free of charge.
  • Example two: If a customer purchases a monitor from us, within 2-weeks of getting the monitor they can bring in their old monitor if they no longer have a need for it.
  • If you purchase numerous items from us, you can bring in numerous items for recycling as long as the ratio per category doesn't exceed what you've purchased from us.

In essence, it's intended to be a like-for-like trade, meaning we unfortunately would not accept multiple devices unless you also purchased from us the matching multiple items: eg, if you purchase 2 monitors from us, you can only bring in up to 2 monitors for recycling.

Things to keep in mind

Whenever disposing of hardware that has stored your personal, business, or sensitive data; ensure that you either remove the storage device(s) from the PC, or that you format/wipe the data from the drive(s). Backing up any data you want to keep is highly advisable first!

If at all possible, we'd highly recommend that you drop off your old hardware when you come to collect your order from us, this way you can save yourself another trip.

Ensure you're bringing in all the accompanying cables, docks, and accessories of your old device which also saves you from accidentally using a potentially old and damaged/dangerous component with your new hardware later on. Sometimes it may appear that two different devices share the same cables interchangeably, but the amount of power that can be sent through may vary which can inadvertently cause unnecessary damage.

We are not able to pay you for hardware or devices brought in for free recycling: this is purely to ensure the hardware doesn't end up in landfill and is correctly broken down and harvested so that it can be repurposed in future. If you still think your device has life in it, you're more than welcome to hold onto it, or sell it privately.

What is and isn't accepted

Item purchased from Evatech

Accepted for recycling

Not acceptable

Desktop PC or laptop

Windows or Apple/Mac desktop PC or laptop

Leaking PCs (if liquid cooled) + packaging

PC monitor

LCD/LED/OLED display with VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort inputs

TV display, PC monitor over 40" (measured diagonally), CRT/rear projection monitors, projectors + packaging

Various cables

Ethernet, power, USB, audio, display cables

All other cable types + packaging

GamePad controller

Wired/Wireless controller


Headphones & Microphones

Wired/Wireless headphones & microphones for use with PCs


Keyboards & Mice

Wired/Wireless keyboards & mice

Mouse pads, deskpads + packaging


Speakers designed for use with PCs



Webcams designed for use with PCs


PC Chassis/Case

PC Chassis/Case

No larger than 600mm in any one dimension. + Packaging

CPU Cooler & Fans

CPU Cooler, PC fans (12cm, 14cm)

Leaking coolers + packaging

Processor (CPU)

Desktop-grade home/workstation CPUs

Packaging, thermal paste

Graphics/Video Cards (GPU)

PCIe graphics/video card


Storage drives (SSD, HDD)

SATA + M.2 drives

External storage solutions + packaging


PC/laptop RAM modules



Desktop-grade home/workstation PC motherboards


Power Supplies (PSU)

Desktop-grade home/workstation/server PSUs


Networking devices

PCIe/USB network adapters, network switches/access points


Optical drives

SATA/USB optical drives suitable for PCs

CD/DVD/BluRay players designed for use with audio systems or TVs + packaging


No recycling available


All of the above is offered free of charge with any corresponding purchase, only for our local customers who can drop into our premises. No packaging materials will be accepted.

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