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Evatech's partners & the environment

Published 29th Apr 2024 - 7 minute read

We believe that our partner network should also aim to be a positive impact to the world. Thankfully, our partners are already on board in some big ways, from the brands that we like to work with, to our suppliers, and our choice of couriers.


The reality is that all couriers need to perform their duties of door-to-door delivery, but with optimised processes and highly efficient vehicles the impact can be smaller than letting things go unchecked. Because we use just a few couriers, we can cover all of them and their efforts.

TNT / FedEx Australia

TNT / FedEx Australia is of course part of the global operation that is FedEx, who we proudly call our courier of choice for all our PC shipments. They are committed to mitigating their environmental impact by focussing on three areas:

  • Operations: Improve CO2 efficiency & air quality
  • Customers: Provide CO2 information to help them reduce emissions
  • People: Encourage awareness and train employees + subcontractors in environmental management

While they need to use energy to perform their duties, they do consider carbon & energy efficiency a top priority. Additionally, they value a safe & healthy workplace, road safety (including improvement of the quality of public infrastructure) to work towards these important goals.

Aramex Australia

Aramex, (formerly Fastway) is now part of the global operation that is Aramex, who we leverage for customers who prefer a more cost-effective shipping option for when delivery speed is also not a top concern.

Aramex is aware of their need to reduce their consumption of natural resources, as well as waste, and instead use renewable and sustainable resources & energy sources. To this end, they've invested in solar farms around the world, and have begun their low-emission vehicle fleet with ambitions to transition the majority of the fleet to fully electric solutions in the coming years.

Within Australia, Aramex has plans to install solar panels on their Brisbane & Sydney depots, further helping to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and reduce their carbon emissions. New contractors will be required to have a vehicle no older than 5 years old for the latest in vehicle emissions and efficiency improvements, and mandating that vehicle upgrades are low-emissions – and also intend to start a trial using electric vehicles.

Couriers Please

Couriers Please is working towards their goal of being carbon neutral by 2025, and since 2020 have measurably started towards that by preventing offset emissions equivalent to not burning 1,546 tonnes of coal, 1.7 million litres of petrol, nearly 14 million kilometres off road travel, and 540 laps around the Australian coastline.

Australia Post

Australia Post is a staple for moving mail & parcels within Australia. They're supportive of the Australian Government's commitment to Net Zero and are also targeting Net Zero by 2050.

AusPost is continually working on reducing carbon emissions, investing in renewable electricity, increasing their electric fleet, reducing reusing & recycling materials, and increasing transparency in their supply chain.

Selecting responsible & aware brands

While we don't always have much of a choice when buying hardware, such as selecting from either an Intel or AMD CPU, or an Nvidia or AMD GPU, there are times when we have more of a choice such as with the manufacturer of the motherboard, graphics card, storage drives, etc. but must do so with the balance of other values such as features, reliability, stability, and overall suitability. Because there is a great array of brands we can use in our PCs, we'll only cover a few.


MSI is typically our first brand of preference when it comes to motherboards and graphics cards. We're glad to know that MSI's objective is to reduce by minimum of 1% year over year in the following categories: greenhouse gas emissions, reliance on fossil fuels, water consumption, and waste. The outcome for the reporting period was a reduction of 21%, 65%, 19%, and 15% respectively. MSI has also avoided substantial fines or punishments due to their compliance with local laws and regulations.


Asus is another brand that we turn to for motherboards and graphics cards. Asus plans to have 100% renewable energy in use for their Taiwan-based operations centres by 2030 and global operations centres by 2035. They also aim to have their key products 30% better than Energy Star efficiency standards every year, and promote sustainable procurement and increased use of environmentally friendly materials in products & packaging.


Corsair is responsible for just over 50% of our PC builds' chassis to date, as selected by our customers or in pre-built PCs, as well as a common choice for liquid coolers. Corsair has already achieved 59% of their global facilities' electricity derived from renewable sources (with 5 of them being 100% renewable), and while their environmental efforts have only recently begun, they've got a dedicated team of staff looking at wide and far-reaching plans in motion to address many fronts, for some examples: supporting natural landscaping & wildflowers, including an apiary of 50,000 bees with honey harvested annually, reducing their carbon footprint & emissions + energy & water use, and production of waste. They've also made mention of compliance & hazardous chemicals, responsible minerals initiative, and supply chain engagement all with a focus on betterment for the sustainable future of staff, customers, and the environment.

Corsair has a long-term promise of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years before the Paris Agreement. They state for any emissions they cannot eliminate they'll find credible offsets that are not only permanent and measurable but also provide social benefits.


Intel is a huge company likely having hardware in every country and corner of the world, and responsible for CPUs in our Intel-powered PCs. Intel has sustainability goals regarding:

  • Water: Net positive water by 2030 by conserving 60 billion gallons of water & funding external water restoration projects
  • Energy: 100% renewable electricity use across their global operations & conserve 4 billion kWh of electricity by 2030
  • Climate: Drive a 10% reduction in Scope 1+2 greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 to 2030, & reach net-zero across global operations by 2040
  • Waste: Zero waste to landfill & implement circular economy strategies for at least 60% of manufacturing waste streams by 2030 in collaboration with suppliers


AMD provides us with both their Ryzen CPUs, and also Radeon GPUs. AMD states they've made a 30x increase in energy efficiency for AMD processors and accelerators powering servers for AI training and high-performance computing from 2020-2025, aims to reduce by 50% absolute greenhouse gas emissions from AMD operations by 2030 using 2020 as their base year, and 80% of their manufacturing suppliers will source renewable energy by 2025 (as of 2022 68% had already met this goal).


Nvidia is responsible for the vast majority of the dedicated graphics cards that we use in our systems, whether they're GeForce RTX or GTX, or from their professional range such as Quadro or datacenter grade. Nvidia has pledged to generate or purchase enough renewable energy to match 100% of their global electricity usage. Nvidia prides themselves on having hardware that is multiple times more efficient than competing or alternative hardware in benchmarks and real-world use cases, and also powers the most efficient supercomputer on the November 2022 Green500 list.

Evatech's suppliers

Our suppliers fall into one of two categories if not both, and those are "being one of the largest suppliers in Australia" and "being very local to Evatech". With large scale, some suppliers are part of a global supply network, meaning they can enact and impact meaningful and positive influence world-wide.

While some of the largest Australian suppliers of computer goods are interstate and we tend to pool bulk orders with them, there are also a healthy amount that are nearby and local that we can incorporate into a quick pickup run using our own driver, or supplier delivery which occurs within 24 hours. All of this keeps us nimble and able to service a wide array of customer needs via either components that we hold at our premises, or our supplier can get to us with their supply of goods.

Our suppliers utilise sustainable packaging, have electronics recycling schemes & buyback programs.

Some of our major suppliers also give back to the community through local and national sports sponsorships.


While our couriers of choice & most of our partnered brands are quite transparent and forthcoming about their achievements and goals for the future – and they're certainly impressive, we would like to see that also from our suppliers in the near future. We look forward to being impressed by them too!

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