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Evatech Computers is a 100% Australian owned & operated custom PC provider, specialising in gaming, workstation, and home office PCs tailored and built to order to suit clients' exact needs and budgets.


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Evatech's day-to-day efforts to minimise environmental impacts

Published 29th Apr 2024 - 4 minute read

While we've been building PCs for over 11 years, we were happy to rework some of our well established and defined processes in order to minimise our footprint. This has meant working to ensure the processes were just as good if not better than before while also addressing sustainability, and importantly re-training staff to ensure a smooth transition and that they had an understanding of why the changes were made.

Our electronics

We are continually ensuring that all internal and staff devices are recent generations of hardware to take advantage of the latest in performance and efficiency + power-saving methods on offer, even for our desktop PCs. Our appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and specialty hardware used in PC building/servicing are all recent & efficient units with desirable Energy Star ratings where applicable. Gladly, all of our warehouse & office/techroom lights are LED which as well as saving our eyes and money on our power bills is of course a great help to reduce waste heat and unnecessary power draw.

Our processes

We've recently and intentionally undertaken a refresh to our approach to processing all of our workflows to ensure better accuracy and efficient use of resources & time. This includes active efforts from all staff to look out for and intervene when they see PCs which can be moved onto the next stage of testing, or switched off, etc. which also goes for lights.

While our re-worked processes have involved a drastic cutback on the amount of paper & printing, we aren't quite able to cut paper out entirely just yet. We have thankfully been able to switch to a lower GSM paper which is still durable, white/clear for readability, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council: paper is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed and meet the highest environmental and social standards), and is lightweight and compatible with our printers.

Our premises

Our Keysborough location which serves as Evatech headquarters for all staff, and also click & collect + walk-in customers, is conveniently located approximately 50-meters from a bus stop which has been useful to staff and customers alike. Likewise, being just a short walk away from the nearest Bunnings has also proved quite useful!

Long-term motivated, immediate actions

With all of the above efforts typically having a lower long-term cost associated with them, it also means that our business model can stay sustainable as we plan to be serving our customers for many more years to come. Being mindful about our impact in recent times has been a fulfilling and worthwhile project, but it's one that we hope to continue focussing on as we work towards meaningful expansions to our efforts when opportunities arise.

When we chat to or email customers about their PC needs, we always try to obtain a thorough understanding of what their requirements are, often trying to ascertain what hardware is currently serving as their solution and where they feel it falls short, and then carefully consider how a PC solution would address and ideally exceed their expectations to ensure it gets the job done both immediately and hopefully years into the future. We may be able to pitch them a pre-built PC solution, or it may be a custom configuration, but either way we feel that taking the time to consider the unique customer needs and circumstance is vital firstly to ensure customer satisfaction, but also to reduce waste in a system that otherwise may fall short of being useful.

Read more about Evatech's waste reduction & responsible waste management with PC building in mind.

Evatech's electronics recycling program.

With honesty & integrity driving our path to customer satisfaction, we aim to continue being a positive influence to the Australian PC community – gaming customers, plus businesses, & professionals alike.

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