Valkyrie X

Intel Custom Gaming PC

This config is WiFi & wired (ethernet) network capable.

Valkyrie X - Intel Custom Gaming PC
PCID# 196358 saved on 04/12/23 2:48pm
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This image is only to illustrate the selected chassis. If other components are also depicted within the case, they are examples only and may differ from those in the final product.
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Need a monitor?

27" 1080p FHD (1920x1080) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
27" 1080p FHD (1920x1080) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This entry-level gaming monitor features a 27 inch Full-HD display boasting 81.59 ppi (pixels per inch). The small footprint it requires in desk space makes it perfect for almost every gamer.
27" 1440p QHD (2560x1440) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
27" 1440p QHD (2560x1440) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This mid-range gaming monitor features a 27 inch Quad-HD display boasting 108.79 ppi (pixels per inch). The small footprint it requires in desk space makes it perfect for almost every gamer.
32" 1440p QHD (2560x1440) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
32" 1440p QHD (2560x1440) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This mid-range gaming monitor features a 32 inch Quad-HD display boasting 91.79 ppi (pixels per inch). The larger physical size makes this a great choice for gamers with large desks and/or those who want to sit back a little to game with a controller.
34" 2K UWQHD (3440x1440) Curved VA 144Hz Gaming Monitor
34" 2K UWQHD (3440x1440) Curved VA 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This mid-range curved gaming monitor features a 34 inch Ultra-Wide Quad-HD display boasting 109.68 ppi (pixels per inch). The larger physical size makes this a great choice for gamers with large desks, with the ultra-wide curved display adding to the immersion.
27" 4K UHD (3840x2160) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
27" 4K UHD (3840x2160) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This high-end gaming monitor features a 27 inch Ultra-HD display boasting 163.18 ppi (pixels per inch). The small footprint it requires in desk space coupled with the large resolution makes it perfect for almost every gamer who has a mid-to-high-end gaming PC.
32" 4K UHD (3840x2160) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
32" 4K UHD (3840x2160) Flat IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor
This high-end gaming monitor features a 32 inch Ultra-HD display boasting 137.68 ppi (pixels per inch). The larger physical size makes this a great choice for gamers with large desks and/or those who want to sit back a little to game with a controller. Best when paired with a mid-to-high-end gaming PC.

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Gaming Performance

Based on the configuration your custom gaming computer above [specifically, the processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), & memory (RAM)] and our game database has pulled a selection of the latest and greatest PC games to give you an idea of the level of performance you can expect. The data used to generate our performance indicators are derived from a combination of the publisher's official advertised hardware requirements and trusted benchmarking sources.

4K Ready4K Ready Ultra/1080P ReadyUltra / 1080P Ready Recommended Requirements MetRecommended Requirements Met Minimum Requirements MetMinimum Requirements Met Below Minimum RequirementsBelow Minimum Requirements
Automatically generated from publicly available information & subject to change without notice. Provided in good faith for use as a guide only, not a guarantee.

Get to know your PC

Achievement Unlocked: High refresh rate/FPS monitor ready

Based on the combo of CPU, RAM, & GPU in this build, we'd recommend considering a gaming monitor. A 144Hz (or above) monitor enables faster response plus provides a smoother & more responsive gaming experience giving you the competitive edge over your opponents.
Shop for a new monitor to take full advantage of this great PC!
Explainer: Monitors: OLED, IPS, VA, & TN panels

Corsair Chassis

Corsair is a well-known brand in the PC community that designs & manufactures a wide variety of computer cases for gaming & general use. They offer a range of case sizes & designs, & are known for their high build quality & attention to detail. Many of their cases feature tool-less design, tempered glass, & RGB lighting options. Corsair's RGB cases can likely utilise Corsair's iCUE software which will enable you to customise your RGB experience. They also have specific models for liquid cooling & quiet operation. Overall, Corsair cases are highly rated by reviewers & users alike, & are considered to be some of the best cases on the market.

Z Series Motherboard

Supporting up to 192GBs of RAM, & catering to up to 7.1 channel surround systems, & a bare minimum of 4x USB-A ports at the rear. These boards are designed for high-performance gaming & enthusiast PCs, offering a number of features not available on lower-end motherboards. Features including CPU overclocking, more PCIe lanes to support more expansion cards (GPUs for instance) as well as NVMe SSDs, better power delivery, & more connectivity support such as an increased number of USB ports, & better audio codecs.

Processor/CPU: Intel Alder/Raptor Lake

Intel's LGA 1700 socket (12th, 13th, & 14th gen processors) deliver Performance & Efficient-cores providing excellent performance with fantastic efficiency.

CPU Cooling Solution: Aftermarket Air Cooler

This cooling solution is a great choice for those with low-to-mid range CPUs, or those with cases that really amp up the airflow (up to i7/R7 CPUs though).
An adequate CPU cooler ensures that your CPU can perform at or near its limit rather than leaving performance (that you've paid for) on the table.
Explainer: Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling.


Unless you're only using your PC for the most simple/basic of tasks, 16GB is our minimum recommendation for RAM, otherwise 8GB can scrape through for those on a tight budget. With 32GB+ of RAM widely accepted as being more than enough for typical gaming purposes, higher capacities can prove useful for those who run other apps/tasks while gaming, or for those who need their system to run content creation applications.
A general guide for editing videos the following is recommended: 1080p footage needs 32GB RAM, 4K needs 64GB, & 6K-8K needs 128GB.
While OC (high-frequency) RAM often unlocks more performance compared to the standard speed RAM, running RAM beyond what the CPU supports may create instability & reduce system reliability. This isn't to say it will always be the case, but it's worth keeping in mind that you might need to turn the RAM speed down if you begin experiencing difficulties.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series Graphics Card

Expanding on the RTX 30 series: RTX 40 series is for gamers & creators, built on the Ada Lovelace architecture & AI-powered graphics. Nvidia's DLSS 3 continues to make high-resolution gaming a reality.
Take advantage of ShadowPlay & record/stream your gaming sessions with very little impact on gaming performance - unique to Nvidia graphics cards!

Primary Storage Drive: NVMe M.2 SSD

This is where your operating system gets installed, so it's great choice for a primary drive! Bringing some of the fastest speeds possible to your new system, an M.2 SSD bypasses the bottleneck that traditional SATA SSDs are restricted by meaning you've unlocked upto over 3,000% faster speeds than SATA SSDs offer, and upto over 9,000% faster than HDDs: nice one!

80+ Power Efficiency Rating

The power supply is the heart of your computer & its quality should never be compromised. 80 PLUS is a certification program promoting high-quality & efficiency for computer power supply units. There are multiple tiers of efficiency ratings, but when you buy an 80 PLUS certified power supply, you can be confident that it's built to last, using high quality components.
Minimum 50% Load Efficiency Per Tier: 80 Plus: 80% - Bronze: 85% - Silver: 88% - Gold: 90% - Platinum: 92% - Titanium: 94%
We only use the highest quality power supplies in our custom PCs.
What is an ATX 3.0 / PCIe 5.0 PSU?

The Evatech Guarantee - Zero Compromises

When spending money on a new purchase, it's natural to be interested in who you're buying from. We stand by the quality of our products & services with these guarantees.

  • All products are brand-new, Australian-sourced, backed by full manufacturer's warranty. No refurbished units or generic brands.
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  • Every single Evatech PC is extensively tested before being dispatched, in order to catch any potential faults before it leaves our care.
  • All shipments are extremely well packaged to minimise any chances of damage during transit. Any additional parts are unopened (monitor, keyboard, etc) also get the bubble wrap & black cling wrap treatment for shipping!
  • Value for money, no up-selling, no bargaining required. We offer the best possible prices at all times.
  • No bloatware: We only install what's needed to take full advantage of your PC's components, so you'll only get the required drivers & software to keep everything running smoothly as soon as you get it plugged in.

Building, servicing & supporting 1000s of PCs for gamers all around Australia for over a decade. We have the experience & expertise it takes to look after you & your PC for the long-haul!

Pickup & Return Premium Warranty

Evatech provides not only phone or email troubleshooting to help you determine whether or not your issue is actually a hardware fault, but should a hardware fault be confirmed we cover:

  • Cost of return shipping both ways#
  • Priority handling for quickest possible turn around
  • All labor costs involved with processing
  • All replacement hardware or costs of repair
  • Extension of manufacturer component warranty*

While we do everything within our power to pick only the highest quality brand new components for each build & thoroughly test every system before dispatch, we understand that with computers is always a risk (however small) that something might go wrong. Our premium warranties are here to address that risk & offer peace of mind to secure your investment.
While other retailers treat after sales support as a chore they're forced to deal with, Evatech recognises the value of first-class customer service both pre & post-sale, building our reputation on word of mouth from satisfied customers.
For the full terms & conditions of our premium warranty service click here.
#up to a specified amount depending on option selected - *if expired before term ends

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Game Database

Want to know how your new custom gaming PC will handle the latest games before you order? Simply save any custom PC configuration and we'll let you know how well it will perform in a huge range of the latest games before you buy!

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    [cpu] => Array
            [link] => 8155/intel-core-i7-14700k-raptor-lake-20-core-28-thread-base43ghz-boost56ghz
            [name] => Intel Core i7 14700K Raptor Lake 20 Core 28 Thread (Base-4.3GHz Boost-5.6GHz)
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 649
            [performanceindex] => 208
            [architecture] => 14

    [mobo] => Array
            [link] => 7508/intel-z790-ddr5-pro-wifi-6e-edition-atx-75-off
            [name] => Intel Z790 DDR5 Pro WiFi 6E Edition ATX [$75 OFF]
            [sku] => MB-EVA-Z790PROD5
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 600
            [wifi] => 1
            [gbs] => 192
            [sound] => 7

    [ram] => Array
            [link] => 7104/32gb-ddr5-rgb-oc
            [name] => 32GB DDR5 RGB OC [$190 OFF]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 225
            [ddr] => 3
            [gbs] => 32
            [frequency] => 2

    [case] => Array
            [link] => 6492/corsair-carbide-4000d-airflow-black-mid-tower
            [sku] => CAS-COR-4000DAIRK
            [name] => Corsair Carbide 4000D Airflow Black Mid Tower
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 159
            [prodweight] => 38
            [prodimg] =>

    [psu] => Array
            [link] => 7489/1000w-80-plus-gold-pcie-5
            [name] => 1000W 80 Plus Gold PCIe 5 [$55 OFF]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 395
            [rating] => 4

    [hdd1] => Array
            [link] => 6433/2tb-nvme-gen4-m2-ssd-up-to-7000mbs
            [name] => 2TB NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD - Up to 7,000MB/s [$85 OFF]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 235
            [sata] => 3

    [hdd2] => Array
            [link] => 6433/2tb-nvme-gen4-m2-ssd-up-to-7000mbs
            [name] => 2TB NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD - Up to 7,000MB/s [$85 OFF]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 235
            [sata] => 3

    [ssdsystem] => 1
    [gfx] => Array
            [link] => 7578/nvidia-rtx-4080-16gb
            [name] => Nvidia RTX 4080 16GB [$200 OFF]
            [active] => 0
            [price] => 2,005
            [series] => 13
            [quantity] => 1
            [performanceindex] => 380

    [cpucooler] => Array
            [link] => 4536/120mm-tower-high-performance-premium-air-cooler
            [name] => 120mm Tower High Performance Premium Air Cooler [$15 OFF]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 130
            [airliquid] => 1

    [os] => Array
            [link] => 7382/windows-11-64bit-home-edition-retail-usb
            [name] => Windows 11 64bit Home Edition [+ Retail USB]
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 199

    [express] => Array
            [link] => 3393/need-it-now-dispatched-in-3-business-days
            [name] => Need it NOW! - Dispatched in 3 Business Days
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 95
            [etamin] => 07/03/2024
            [etamax] => 08/03/2024

    [warranty] => Array
            [link] => 4628/gold-3-year-pickup-return-premium-warranty-service
            [name] => Gold 3 Year Pickup & Return Premium Warranty Service
            [active] => 1
            [price] => 307

    [totalprice] => 5324
    [service] => Assembly, Burn-in Testing & Setup
    [sysos] =>  + O/S and Driver Installation
    [syswifi] => This config is WiFi & wired (ethernet) network capable.
EPOS Gaming H3 Ghost White Headset

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